Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A Sunny Day!

I am finding gardening a real chore at the moment,and was all for giving up and selling my tropicals etc. But the family have persuaded me its a passing phase and have all agreed to help out. Then we can review it next year!

At the moment I am trying to do a little bit each day, a maximum of an hour, and only if I feel up to it!

So I planted 1 row of spuds, (Charlotte)

Some more onions with rows of carrots between

and unbubblewrapped the greenhouse

and that was all I could manage.

Meanwhile the cats where doing what cats do.....

Tango eating a mouse, ugh!

Sassy sleeping in the old rabbit hutch we kept for them.

Jake being very brave and sneaking out the lounge window!

At last my clematis has opened, it is so pretty!

I am still knitting the Forest Canopy shawl and have undone it so many times. But today I found out about 'life line' and only wish someone had told me about it earlier! This could be my saving grace!!


  1. That clematis is truly gorgeous! It's amazing to think that your spring is so advanced that the clematis is blooming. Here in S Ontario the daffs are only just starting to bloom.
    Thanks for the link to the knitting help page, it's just what I need from time to time. I bought a load of sock yarn just after Christmas and I've been knitting socks like mad, ready for next year's Christmas prezzies.

  2. Like Shammickite (who lives not far from me)our daffs are only just beginning to come out. The clematis is just showing new shoots and it will be a while before we see flowers.
    I'm hoping you keep all your tropicals, I think you would come to regret it if you sold them.

  3. Oh, I do hope you keep up your blogging, dear Libby :)

    I would miss all the wonderful posts on tropical plants, where everything seems so exotic compared to my garden :)

    I love to see all your knitting and everything else you do :)

    I adore your wonderful pics of the cats too :)

  4. I think that gardening is all about doing what you fancy when you fancy doing it. You probably feel this way at the moment because you have just done such alot in your garden in such a short space of time.

    You've now got everything how you want it, so you shouldn't feel under so much pressure. Just do what you feel you can manage without feeling fed up about it and I'm sure that you'll start enjoying it again.

    Your Clematis is looking fab!

  5. I must un-bubblewrap my greenhouse too. A chore isn't it - especially if you have to work around what is inside!
    Your Banana is looking very well compared to mine which looks dead. I kept it in the greenhouse but didn't wrap it. Perhaps it's only sleeping :-)

  6. Hi Libby......I can understant your wanting a rest from gardening....I get like that sometimes, although I do have to confess it is rare.....

    I agree with wildlife gardener, I love to see your tropicals because they are so different from anything that I grow.

    Clematis is gorgeous......


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