Saturday, 18 April 2009

Dug and Dusted!

Well most of the heavy work that I can't do is done and very nice it looks too.

I was really surprised how much soil we had, once we dug over the old chicken patch and the new bed it had obviously compacted alot.

I thought we may need a delivery of topsoil, but I reckon we can get away with a few bags of farm manure!

I am going to put the arches up between these two new beds and grow my climbing french beans and my heritage peas. At the back of the right hand bed I will put my strawberry plants, and I will put sweetcorn where I was going to put the strawberries!

Don't you just love ferns when they grow in the spring, how they unfurl so elegantly!

My 'Tetrapanax Papyrifera Rex' has burst into life.

The Gunnera has outgrown is fleece cover, I hope we don't have a frost!

My yellow tulip is the most beautiful in the garden....

don't you think? I love the hint of green and the streak of red!

As for my cat Tango, he is just such a baby!!!!

He came in soaking wet so the girls decided to dry him with a towel and as you can see, he loved it!!


  1. The garden looks great Libby and well worth all the hard work. I love the tulips, I had some with the same colouration, but after 3-4 years they seemed to disappear.
    Tango is so sweet, I love a silly cat..!

  2. The garden improvements are really nice, I haven't had time to get out in the back yard yet, but perhaps this morning, before I head off to Variety Show rehearsal!
    I've been off line for a whil as my computer was feeling poorly. Mostly my own fault for getting a virus and then madly deleting stuff in my efforts to get rid of it. But all is well again and I can enjoy blogs again.... will be posting more very soon!

  3. The garden is looking great Libby......I can see there is a lot of work gone into the planning.....
    My gunnera has outgrown it's fleece you frosts are a concern.....

    Love your tulips, they are really pretty.......

  4. Your garden looks great, and it's really tidy!

    What a soft puss!


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