Tuesday, 31 March 2009

In the Garden

Its only 4 days now till everyone starts there holidays here and work can get on in the garden. At the weekend hubby and I where supposed to be starting. Getting some preperation work done ahead of this. But sadly he wasn't feeling to well and after a visit to the docs yesterday he has 'Uvulitis', not pleasant, its where the Uvula (wiggly thing at the back of the throat), swells, greatly!!!!
I am not surprised, he is unwell as he has been working soooooooo hard, and when he works this hard then starts to slow or take holiday he usually is ill!

As it was such a lovely day I decided to get on with the work myself!! Always a dangerous option, as I tend to throw myself in with great gutso! and regret it later.

This is what needed clearing

in preperation for putting the new veg bed here!

You will be pleased and surprised to hear I did small barrow loads with bending mixed in with standing and stretching, and achieved this....

the large slab and concrete block thingy where I felt beyond the limits of my back so I have left them for others to lift! Quite pleased with this!! and only a little achy!!!

Then as I walked up the patio I spied this, my Camellia

I think I must have had this about 2 years now. My neighbour had one which I admired so I bought a little cheapy one, planted it in eracacious soil, watered only with rainwater, it has sat on my south facing patio, under the kitchen window against the wall with no protection what so ever!!!

I am thrilled.

The only problem is, it should have looked like this.........

should I complain??? Maybe but its is such a lovely colour!

A small package arrived from Jungle Seeds a favourite shop of mine, being they have the 'tropical' variety of seeds available!

I have only bought 4 this year as I am trying to get to the stage of 'permenant planting'!

So here we have

Impatiens Jungle Gold "Busy Lizzie", its an annual

pretty, isn't it?

This I grew last year

I know it says give it something to climb up, what nonsense, its a 'clinger' and covered easily 3 x 6ft by 6ft fence panels, such pretty flowers too...

The next two are the staple of any tropical garden, relatively easy to grow but give instant height and huge leaves in one season. A great filler.... which I will need as my bananas where decimated this year!!

Right, things to do, seeds to plant, finalise plans, food to buy etc etc

PS sorry about the spelling I forgot to check it before posting!!!!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Its All Happening in the Greenhouse

The seeds I planted at the beginning of the week are popping through! This is the advantage of having a heat mat!

Ailsa Craig tomatoes



Roma the plum ones,

I even planted some beetroot for a laugh and blow me they have come through!!! I love beetroot, especially with salad cream in sandwiches!!!!

Gardeners Delight

In the Tropical Greenhouse I thought I would show you how the bananas are coming along...

Tandara Red

Sikki Red

Cavendish Red

Ensete Ventricosom

The tag from this one has disapperared, why do they do that??

The next 3 are my Ensete Ventricosom Maurelli's, although the last one looks pretty dead!!!

The Trex has started off with its first leaves!

and the flippin Gunnera as well, I'm having to fleece this each night now!!

So we're off, its started the season of gardening, lets hope its a good one!!!

Friday, 27 March 2009

Out and About!

I love these so much I have put some more pics up! They are growing away in the greenhouse and they are such a cheerful sight

This yellow is such a bright one, but its not a hard yellow, if you see what I mean! But boy does it stink!

I'm sorry this is the wrong way round but I forgot to rotate it!! I love the combination of the pinky orange and yellow!

Mrs Bumblebee on my Pulmenaria (lungwort)

My bees are always very large?

I will get round to planting my bee garden, but the priority is the 'Pottager' at the moment. I love that word 'Pottager' sounds dead posh!!
My seedlings I planted the other day, can you see them....

no neither can I, think its wishful thinking!!!

Look what I found round the back of the greenhouse in a tub that should be in the flower box at the front of the house.

Now these have a lovely scent!
Hopefully should get some work done in the garden this weekend, so should have something to blog about provided the weather stays ok!!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


I gave myself a very serious talking to yesterday as both my husband and daughter reminded me that they would be home on holiday in just 10 days!!!!
This is basically to help me set up two more veg beds! So I thought I had better get some seed planting done.

So I have started, we have

Tomato Roma, a plum tomato
Tomato Sungold, my absolute favourite
Tomato, Moneymaker
Tomato, Gardeners Delight
Tomato, Ailsa Craig
Sweet Pepper, Californian Wonder
Coleus , hopefully for my jungle bed
Spring Onion,
Red Basil
Green Basil
I have put some potatoes into a pot and left it in the greenhouse.
I have planted some lily of the valley
Dwarf Iris bulbs I was given
Spiraea bush, also a gift.

Tomorrow I shall go and do abit more.

I haven't gone totally bonkers, planting so many tomatoes, I am fortunate to have two big greenhouses, so I plant extra and sell the excess.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Back up, Back up, Back up!!!

My computer came back yesterday, all full of 'vim & vigour'.

The 'man' has set up a continual back up procedure for me. We have an external hard drive and he has set it to run daily, backing up to this hard drive! Quite clever and to be honest a bit beyond me so I am grateful.


what I am totally and utterly gutted about is mine and hubbies Family Trees. I am convinced I had them backed up on the external hard drive because there is so much hard work goes into these, years and years, months and months and hours and hours, its not something I'm sure I would forget? But they are no longer!!!!!

I am currently running a file retrieval thingy on my computer, but looking at the files that are showing, whether I would ever recognise a family tree file I don't know, it looks very complicated! But we can but hope.

In the meantime folks....BACKUP! and not just once, you need a Grandfather, Father & Son.
I have used data sticks, as has my daughter and some days they don't always work, they just go 'phut'! My daughter lost a whole assignment, the day before it was due to be handed in!!!!

So back up to a data stick, a disk and if you have it an external hard drive, if not do a 2nd disk copy. I can promise you, you won't regret it!

Monday, 23 March 2009

No Hope!

Remember a while back when I got excited about Jake going to the loo outside?
Well during these lovely few days I thought I would put his litter tray outside during the day in the hope it might encourage him to go outside proper!

I don't think theres any hope!!!!

Friday, 20 March 2009


I am sorry about changing my blog again so soon. The reason is becuase since I've been using hubbies computer and its not loaded in my favourites I can never find it! Unless I go in through 'Blogger'. So if I can't find it how can other people?

When I had 'Woodlands World' I was usually somewhere on the first page of a Google Search, and infact when I changed it last, my sister said 'why didn't you do a Woodlands World 2'!
Basically because I didn't think about it thats why!!!!!! Doh!

So here we are! I promise not to change again until I run out of photo space again!!

So whilst I am without my computer this is where I sit, with hubbies laptop.

I love it, whilst its been warm I have the French Doors wide open, its bright and cheerful and I can sit back and enjoy the view! I love it soooooooooo much I might even get rid of my big huge computer and get a laptop!!

the bonus is I always have company!!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Under Construction!