Friday, 27 March 2009

Out and About!

I love these so much I have put some more pics up! They are growing away in the greenhouse and they are such a cheerful sight

This yellow is such a bright one, but its not a hard yellow, if you see what I mean! But boy does it stink!

I'm sorry this is the wrong way round but I forgot to rotate it!! I love the combination of the pinky orange and yellow!

Mrs Bumblebee on my Pulmenaria (lungwort)

My bees are always very large?

I will get round to planting my bee garden, but the priority is the 'Pottager' at the moment. I love that word 'Pottager' sounds dead posh!!
My seedlings I planted the other day, can you see them....

no neither can I, think its wishful thinking!!!

Look what I found round the back of the greenhouse in a tub that should be in the flower box at the front of the house.

Now these have a lovely scent!
Hopefully should get some work done in the garden this weekend, so should have something to blog about provided the weather stays ok!!

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