Sunday, 14 October 2012

Winter Bed Time, has arrived

We had 1.9C last night quite a white out, So decided as we had an extra pair of strong arms (K's boyfriend) today was  the day to move everything into the greenhouse
Before we started it looked like this.

The Passionflower is still blooming its little heart out! So pretty.

So dug up, de-leaved (if there is such a word.)

and into the greenhouse it goes. I am a bit concerned because it seems so empty. I'm sure it should be fuller.

So the garden seems empty now. I always hate this time of year! It seems so long till the growing season next year!!!

Sunday, 30 September 2012

On the Last Day of September

What a bizarre month this has been, wet and miserable. We lit our Rayburn last weekend!!! If I recall we have only lit it in September once before and we have had it 21 years!

Anyway the  greenhouse is all insulated and I have moved some plants in already.

My Bromelaids

K's melon

Bougainvillea,the colours on these are amazing, so vivid.

I am very pleased with my Butia, as this looked like it had, had, it earlier in the year. But with a lot of help and support from the Hardy Tropical Forum it seems to have pulled through.

Out in the garden we have had one or two air frosts but nothing too significant. As you can see all is still well and growing.

Except the Black Eyed Susan,looking sad now!

The Passion Flower is still going well. Hopefully over winter I shall add trellis or wires for it to grow along.

The Ricinus has decided to grow and is only now, taller than the fence!

George can just be seen, amongst the leaves. I must remember to bring him inside.

Washingtonia Filfera has grown loads this year, he is currently very well sheltered, but another one to be brought in.

The Trachycarpus still pushing out spears. This has been a fantastic year for it, seems to have loved all the rain.

Finally my living wall. I am totally and utterly thrilled with how this has done this year. After the dodgy start it seems to be doing well. I am going to undo the irrigation system over the winter, I am hoping it will help protect the plastic pipes.for next year. I am on the look out for a long spouted watering can, in case it needs watering at any time. Now we just have to  see how it over winters. Fingers crossed.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

September Bar-B-Que

I can't believe how long it is since I posted on here!!! Apologies, I'm not sure where the time has gone.

The Open Garden went well and we raised £100, which considering the weather we had on the day was very good. The days either side where glorious grrrrr!

As the weather this weekend is so good we decided to have a bar b que last night.

So lit the chimnea and just had a thoroughly good time.

I love doing this. My garden is sooooo private at this time of year.

When it went dark we are fortunate to live in the country and the stars last night where totally amazing.

We may have to do it all over again tonight!

Friday, 17 August 2012

2nd Opening

I must be mad but have agreed to open again 2nd September, 2pm - 5pm. Alot of people wanted to see how big it all grew.So I hope we get a good attendance.
I, as you know only have a small 'Jungle Plot' I would love to grow them through out the garden but the temps further down the garden vary so greatly to the patio that I would lose too much. My Basjoo, is nothing like as big as it has got in past years and neither are my Maurelli's. I have made a list for what needs to be moved into the greenhouse over winter and its HUGE, sadly my greenhouse is not. So the house and hubbies office are going to have to take a certain amount of overflow. Unless I can come up with a plan for temporary winter quarters.
I thought about putting a poly tunnel over the whole of the patio area and heat it with the excess heat from my Rayburn ( as we have lots of that) just not sure the neighbours would be too impressed. Any other ideas?

Friday, 3 August 2012

How does Your Garden Grow...

This was the week of the Open Garden

This is today and to be honest, the photo does not do it justice, this has really grown!

Down the garden all the Brugmansia's are blooming and the scent here is amazing.

and look whats under the tree

This is our Silver Wedding present from the family, isn't he gorgeous.

The living wall, is.....

and look at my Passion Flower, the first of many.

Busy weekend as we celebrate our Silver Wedding with our family and friends. We are having a fantastic time.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

What a Difference a Week Makes!

What a difference, this pic was taken last week just before the open garden

This was taken yesterday

The speed the jungle grows once it has warmed up is amazing.

How can you not love these huge leaves.

the 'Living Wall' is coming on too, I am already looking for other plants to swap with ones that aren't doing as well. The biggest problem I have is when I have the irrigation on, people (husband) comes along and switches the tap off because he thinks its dripping! aaargh! We have had words lol!

'George' giraffe, is slowly disappearing.

A couple of very good friends have given us some new fish for our very empty pond. We took the poorly fish to a specialist who says he is actually healing now, so fingers and toes crossed.

Hollyhocks have now bloomed, they are a stunning colour.

Tango hasn't grown, he is just enjoying the sun

Mr Darcy, looking meek. He is not, he is spoilt rotten!

Lots of discussion on whether we should extend the 'Jungle'. Total family split on this. Husband thinks it could look good, daughter says definitely no. We will continue talks, but I need both of them on side as there is some heavy work involved. K follows me in her love of gardening and thoroughly enjoys helping me.

So I respect what she say, as without her, the garden would not have looked as good it did.

Yesterday we had a bar-b-que, lit the chimnea  sat out till dusk. Saw the first stars and bats. It seems along time since we did that, may have to do it again, very soon.