Sunday, 24 July 2011

Just getting straight when......

building works are to commence????

Patio Clutter

Since hubby has started working for himself and bearing in mind we only live in a terraced cottage, the clutter, 'his clutter has been getting worse and worse. He is a 'hoarder' to say the least, even down to bits of paper!

Coal now delivered, all bunkers full plus pre packs and the wood moved from the bottom of the garden!

To give an example in our shed in a trunk are two big boxes of papers which have been there untouched and unopened for years!! I have a rule if it has not been used in 18 months - 2 years it goes! Oh no. not my husband, he will go through every paper in that trunk with a fine tooth comb but that is only 'when he has the time'!!!

Ferns dug up and potted up to be replanted on the North side of the office when finished.

So he took over my daughters bedroom to use as an office, that is now so full he has to work in the dining room and I will not let him take that over, its bad enough trying to get to bed, he had, at last count 25 books beside his side of the bed and he assures me he was reading the lot!!!!!!

One Water Butt resited and refilled

So we have decided, well I decided and persuaded him that our super duper shed bought 9 years ago was worth converting into an office and after talking to various builders we can put proper foundations down, move shed/office, move greenhouse and put up new smaller shed, supply electrics, into all 3, insulate and put new double glazed windows and doors into Shed/office, lay proper pathing down, resite waterbutts for a little bit more that the cost of buying a purpose built office and siting it at the bottom of our garden.

Boxes, canes etc squeezed in, in every available space, even on the veg garden!

So in 2 weeks time, the work begins.

All tomatoes

We have no rear access at the bottom of the garden, in fact the only access we have for the whole garden is 'coal' access.

Cucumber and

Our access was sold just as we moved in (unbeknown to us) when the large part of the garden at the bottom was sold to the neighbour, (also unbeknown to us) they forgot to keep the access. So we have asked and very kindly been allowed to demolish fences, cross boundaries and gain access across 2 neighbours gardens. I have great neighbours, quirky, but great!!

Pepper plants will have to go

So we have been clearing all 'My' garden clutter, well you know what us gardeners are like, you never know when it will be needed. Although I do admit to not realising just how many plant pots I had!!

Recently acquired Ensete Hiniba, Black stemmed Alocasia Mac, Colocasia Gailigonensis and Pink China

These water butts have now been emptied and all rubbish either thrown or Recycled using 'FreeCycle' I highly recommend them.

Majority of the slabs will be reused. The door of the small shed can just be seen on the right and is going!

Believe it or not we have gone through every box, tub and pot in this shed and everything in here we are keeping and will be stored, if not electrical under a gazebo by the pond, for the duration of the build or until the newer shed is erected!

all the other usable bits have as I said before gone to Freecycle the rest is off to the tip!

This hedge is going

The patio the other side of the pond will be storage area.

So next weekend we shall move everything remaining into the house or onto the patio. The greenhouse will be emptied, the small shed will hopefully have been disassembled by the neighbour who wishes to have it.

The large shed emptied and un-shelved (is there such a word), I really must order the new replacement shed too!! All ready for work to commence on the 1st August 2011 our 24th Wedding Anniversary!!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Where is Summer?

Here we are in July and you would think that the weather would be more sunshine than showers. Since we did all the work last week all we have had is rain, rain and more rain. I shouldn't complain because we have had very little rain. I think we are protected by a hill at the back of Heddington.
Anyway this has definately helped the garden no end, especially as the temps have stayed up too. I can see how much everything has grown in just a week. I hope you can too.

Bearing in mind my garden is only 13ft wide, I have alot of walls and fences that really should be covered, I have been reluctant to grow stuff up them because when ever they have needed replacing (we don't own either boundary) the work is always done from my side as both neighbours have very well established hedges. I don't like hedges as they need a large amount of maintenance and also take up a considerable amout of room (which I don't have). In this next pic you can see a rather pretty clematis in a pot, I think I shall be brave and plant it behind the stripped banana and encourage it up the fence.

If I knew a passion flower would survive I would much prefer one of these, I have 3 in the greenhouse which I got from a Gardeners World Mag offer for just the cost of postage, I may keep them in pots and lift them in and out of the greenhouse for winter. The big problem with pots is the need for watering in the summer, not a problem when I am here but when I go on holiday, I have to remind my garden carer to water the pots!

The side bed is coming on, just wait a few months and we will see a huge difference.

My Brugs took a hammering this year even though they where in a heated greenhouse. I am please this one is in flower, I do love them, magnificent blooms and the scent is heavenly.

Right at the back of the greenhouse which when full can be difficult to get too, I had a row of 3 Brugs which had (I thought) died! 2 I threw but one just ended up being left as I had other things to do and to my surprise it has come back from the roots. I wish I hadn't thrown the others!

My TRex in a pot is doing really well now!

The Maurelli with the rotten middle doesn't seem to be faring too badly! Another view down the patio, I do love this part of the garden

last but not least Mr Darcy, he is having a great time at the moment, chasing flies!

Two of my cats are getting on a bit now and Tango spends most of his life sleeping as does Sassy. Jake, our adoptee, is very much an indoor cat and rarely ventures out. I miss Chimarnie alot as he was always with me when I was out in the garden!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Quandary Sorted!!

I wasn't supposed to be tackling this quite so soon, but when your gardening loving daughter comes home unexpectedly and hears what your planning, then says 'do you want a hand' you do not turn her down!
So about 4pm in the afternoon we started and by 7pm we had finished, more or less.

The path has been re-routed and relaided, the old man was purchased at the Local Steam Rally. We have kept most of these plants in pots as to be honest this suits us better as we will have to either move them in to the greenhouse or further up the patio for winter!

the bay has been kept for the time being and edged with bricks, which needs to be finished. We will see how it grows and wether it gets in the way or not! The bamboo and T-rex maybe swapped once our coal is delivered. I found another huge pot at the back of my shed so I will probably split this bamboo.

the arch has been removed and put further down the garden which we believe has opened up the view, with the eye being drawn to the Indian Bean tree.

the bay which I will keep well clipped and eventually hope I can cut it to hide the pre-packed coal

which will be stored here and in a couple of weeks will have 10 - 20 bags here ready for winter!

the finished result

I hope you all think it is an improvement we are very pleased as it means you can't see down the whole garden.