Saturday, 1 November 2014

1st November 2014, is banana time!

Yep its that time of year again. Dig out bananas ready for over wintering. I could probably have left it a few more weeks, as its so mild, but we have don't have many free weekends and I'd much rather dig them out on a sunny day than a rainy day.

So here we have our before picture, it is a glorious day, definitely T Shirt and hanging washing on the line weather.

I prepared the greenhouse awhile back, just in case, I got the solar blankets this year to help reflect light a bit better and being south facing, I will probably line the whole of the door area with them, might help keep temps up abit!

So here they are all dug out, not that easy may I say, I have to try and remeber which is which! The Maureli have not grown well this year and looking at the roots you can tell. I stand them like this for about a month, then turn them round, its amazing just how much water they hold, to overwinter them they need to be as dry as possible.

these are the 2 Maureli's the top one has really only got roots half way round and the bottom one has a great hole up its centre. I cleaned all the muck off and trimmed back the roots, the hole is not rotten at all, so will give them another go, next year I plan to plant them somewhere totally different, so if they come through winter they hopefully should have alot more space!

 It always seems so empty after :(

As for my dog!!!! Well as you may gather he is not supposed to be on there, but where the sun is, he likes to be!!