Thursday, 17 October 2013

Lots Been Going On!

Wow. I can not believe I haven't posted since the 5th September!!  It has been pretty busy. So in between all the news I will post pics of the garden

 Look at this, the jungle has gone balistic! The bananas are HUGE!

So lets start:

I have had to close down my nail business after a 3-4 visits to the dermatology dept at Bath Royal United Hospital. It was found that I am allergic to UV cured Acrylics! As gutted as I am, because I only found this job a few years ago, I am looking at it from a positive angle because had I not known I could very well have been seriously ill after a knee or hip replacement as acrylic is used in the cement. I also have to inform the dentist.
The specialist was so excited at the reaction my patch test gave, he had half the hospital in for a look!

The Tree Ferns are extremely happy in there new home. Black Eyed Susan winding its way up the tree fern. The passion flower has also gone mental and I have taken loads of cuttings of it.

We then went up to visit my mum for a week, she has been through the wringer a bit recently so we thought an extended stay might help. It certainly did that. Although I was only back a week before I went down with flu!

My Ensete Hinibar has grown bigger than my Montebialardi this year. It is a most beautiful colour with the gorgeous red rib. Looking a bit wind swept. Should be coming in soon for winter.

So this week has been spent either shivering or perspiring!

The Montebiliardi, has only been shredded this week by the wind, until then it has looked spectacular.

My Spotty Dotty, settling into her new bed.

Cycas Revoluta its flush (new growth) is not big but it survived.

I have an Olive! Only one though! You never know I may have a whole bush of them one year lol!

I managed to get the greenhouse all cleaned and wrapped up before I succumbed to Flu. So I think we are ready for Winter.

Until next time :)