Monday, 20 December 2010

Garden in the Snow

It still remains cold with the threat of more snow today. Darcy seems to love the snow, I have only been down the garden a couple of times to check on the greenhouse, but the garden is covered in paw prints!!!

The Cordyline and bamboo have been brought close to the house, which we hope will offer some kind of protection.

The Trachy, was seriously bent over the other day, so I shook off the snow, well the ones I could reach.

This is the veg bit

Frozen Kale and Brussels

In the greenhouse I have so many layers of insulation, its unbelievable, bubble wrap, then round the north side is survival blankets, plus draped across the roof some fleece. I also popped in one of the tube heaters last night and it seems to have a far more even temp.

I have run out of plug sockets, even though I have one more tube heater, so may bring the baby TRex out of the propagate and into the house to free up a socket if needed.

I brought both my tree ferns in this year, as I lost all of mine last year, so I am down and watering quite regularly. Only problem is the water butts are frozen so I have to lug the water down from the house!!

Bananas in big sacks, and the one in the big pot was enormous this year!!

from the greenhouse looking up the garden.

We wrapped the banana on the patio this year!

Sunday, 19 December 2010


We love snow! We get it rarely, that it is great. I know alot of people moan about it, how it grinds the country to a halt, its just that this sort of weather for the UK is not the norm! I know we had it last year, but thats 2 years out of how many?????

People moan because they are so used to using cars to get around, what about those two things sticking out of the bottom of our torso, legs! Amazing they are, they actually move you around!

Well I have been using mine to take my little snow plough for a walk.

He has thoroughly enjoyed the snow, until today when by the time he got back he did not want to walk and I'm not surprised he had snowballs attached to his feet and seemed to have like ice burns on his belly!

He wears a coat, to help keep him warm, but what I forgot is that his belly has very little hair coverage, and having such short legs would explain everytime he stops he was shivering!

You can see the ice, building up in his beard.

and our Postman 'Pete' made it through with a smile!

As to Christmas, well I am totally disorganised this year, most unlike me. The tree is up, with thanks to K, the cake is made, thanks to my mum!! I have put marzipan on it! The presents are bought, still to be wrapped.
I ordered the meat at the beginning of December so we will have turkey, whether there will be anyone here to eat it is another matter. My mum and her partner are due to be collected as is our eldest daughter. The priority is to get Kathryn, otherwise she will be all alone!

one animal who always finds a warm spot, Tango, and yes T was asleep!!