Friday, 26 February 2010

Distracted.......... again

Trying hard to build up my strength, I decided to do a sitting down job in the greenhouse, which involved this

if I am honest it is not a job I do properly every year but decided I wanted to do something, outside, so this was the best option, so I washed all of these

top of the potting table

and both electric propagators

so I am ready to plant seeds sometime this week :o)

I've Started

I am stuck already with my shawl, can you believe it!!!!!! So I shall have to wait for my friend to come to the rescue.
So I toddled off down the garden and did some seed planting, I'm quite excited, I don't think I have ever started this early, but its not as if I can't keep the greenhouses warm.

Lets hope we don't get another cold snap.

Does anyone remember one February, must be about 15+ years ago now, and around half term, my sister was staying with her girls and we actually sat outside , had a bar-b-que in T-shirts!!!! Lol!!!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Things to Finish!

I have been rather unwell, a really bad gastric bug which no one else got, and lasted alot longer than your average 24hours (4+days) and to be honest totally wiped me out.
But I am getting better.

On the Potting Shed forum instead of organising a bag make or a knit this or a sew that, we have decided to organise a 'things to finish' by the end of March. Which I thought was a really good idea. So many of us have a number of things 'on the needles' or need that push to 'decorate this' or 'dig that' so a fewof us have signed up for it.

I have a shawl I have been knitting for *~ months and

a top for me which has been on going for about as long,

plus I really must get the veg beds dug over.

So as I don't work I have chosen to try and finish 3 things, even if I don't finish them, I hope to be alot further along than I was when I started, if you get my drift!!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A Touch of Spring....... maybe

Today is the first day I have stepped outside since Sunday, I have had a bad stomach upset which the 'Doc' said was food poisoning. No one else got it so I must be a delicate person !! lol! Today is also the first day I have eaten!

The sun was shining and it was lovely and warm so I ambled down the garden.

The banana has collapsed again but as we know from last year it will grow back with avengance but hopefully I can reduce it back a bit before it takes off.

The Cordyline's growing tip seems to have been damaged, I hope not as it was looking so good last year!

The Bay has been hit badly this year, I wonder if it will survive, I have never seen it so bad. My Aunty had an enormous BayTree which she cut down everytime it got frost damaged and it always grew back, so I may do that.

The lawn isn't, its a mess or should I say a 'moss'!!!

By the time I got here I was 'plum tuckered out', so I sat down and soaked up the rays and enjoyed the view.... and there was no 'frogs spawn' usually we have our first lot in the next few days!!

Spring or a pretending spring, isn't spring unless you have snow drops!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Veggie Growing Preparation

Every year I say I must check what seeds I still have before I buy some more

and every year without fail I always buy more! Some because I want to have a go at them, others because I need them, obviously,

I need to get some Climbing French Beans, Trail of Tears, as I failed miserably at seed collection last year.

I also want to get some more of the Heritage (I think ) peas that climb to 6ft. Being a small garden I must grow upwards.

Gem Squash is a definate must, and sweetcorn. I fancy having a go at some butternut Squashes or 'cobnut' is the make I think that grows well here.
I have some over wintering onions in and will probably get some more in a bit later as you can never have enough onions.

The potatoes are chitting, I think I have told you before that my neigbour grows hers in tyres, so if I can find some space for a stack I may give it a go.

The beds need alot of work as they where badly neglected at the end of the growing season.

In fact as you can see from this pic I have alot of work ahead of me, the fence needs painting, I'm not sure what we are to do when it totally collapses as it is not our fence. There is no grass left just moss and weeds. If I wrote on a list absolutely eveything that needs doing I would probably never set foot outside ever again.
But then you never know we may have a good summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

51 today

Yup its 3 weeks since my last post and things have been pretty hectic in this part of the world.
Having seen hubster through his 60th, we where then informed he may be made redundant, K has had swine flu and is still not better, we have had more snow, I have visited my mum, we where then told hubster would know by the 1st April, after a meeting on the 9th Feb.

Its all go here!!!

Can you believe a year has passed since my 50th, time flies so quickly now, its scary, and yes policemen are looking younger and have been for a number of years :0(

On the garden front, I have potatoes chitting,
I have bought some seeds, (vegetable)
I think I may sell my tropicals as it costs so much to heat the greenhouse especially in these cold winters.
I am coming of my depression medication, which is tough as I get 'jumpy eyes'.
I need to get fit and walking and lose the weight I gained.


if my darling hubby is offered or gets the chance of redundancy he (we) have decided he should take it................ whoopeeeeeee!

so all in all life is good.

I am hoping things will now calm down a bit so I can get back to blogging on a regular basis!

Love to you all