Thursday, 11 February 2010

51 today

Yup its 3 weeks since my last post and things have been pretty hectic in this part of the world.
Having seen hubster through his 60th, we where then informed he may be made redundant, K has had swine flu and is still not better, we have had more snow, I have visited my mum, we where then told hubster would know by the 1st April, after a meeting on the 9th Feb.

Its all go here!!!

Can you believe a year has passed since my 50th, time flies so quickly now, its scary, and yes policemen are looking younger and have been for a number of years :0(

On the garden front, I have potatoes chitting,
I have bought some seeds, (vegetable)
I think I may sell my tropicals as it costs so much to heat the greenhouse especially in these cold winters.
I am coming of my depression medication, which is tough as I get 'jumpy eyes'.
I need to get fit and walking and lose the weight I gained.


if my darling hubby is offered or gets the chance of redundancy he (we) have decided he should take it................ whoopeeeeeee!

so all in all life is good.

I am hoping things will now calm down a bit so I can get back to blogging on a regular basis!

Love to you all


  1. Happy birthday, Libby. My, it's all been happening with you. I'm going through a period of unrest at work too, I don't know if I will get redundancy but I will definitely be leaving. Sometimes these things just give us the push which we wouldn't usually take. Hope K feels better soon. I had flu all the way through the festive season and it really is horrible.

  2. Happy Birthday, Libby! I hope everything works out for you. This time last year I was in an office when I wanted to be outdoors and my hubbie had just been made redundant! It was a depressing time but thankfully it has all worked out for the better now. Its an old proverb but sometimes clouds do have silver linings. Best wishes to you both.

  3. Happy Birthday Libby...xoxo
    Hope your daughter is soon feeling better..xoxo

  4. If that is what hubby wants Libby, then good luck to you both....

    Happy Birthday.....and many more of them.....

  5. Good stuff Libby, you certainly have a positive attitude.


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