Monday, 4 February 2013

I Have Committed!

I saw this at the weekend and decided what the heck lets go for another Open Garden. So have registered my interest again.

Checking the pond this weekend the very huge Orfe we have seems to have the virus that we thought we had got rid off last year (rude words)!

I only hope I am feeling better soon as I have had some sort of virus for 5 weeks. Both my daughter and I are feeling really rough. Its alternating from a very irritating cough to a really bad sore throat and rotating. I went to the docs today and he has taken lots of blood to see whats going on.
The other annoying thing is my new Knee brace

I have called it 'The Beast'. It definately supports the knee, no doubt about that. But the straps, hinges and metal bits hurt.

when you take it off. I shall make another appointment at the orthotics clinic, to check I'm doing it right!!