Saturday, 7 November 2009

Graduation 2009

What a fabulous few days we have had. K kindly let us stay at her place and we had an exceptionally early start on Thursday 5th November, as she and we had to be at Uni by 8.30am.

Once gowned we went to get photos done, which was a sensible move as the queues later where amazing.We then got on the coach for the short journey to Worcester Cathedral where, being early we had pretty good seats.

One very proud Dad and if you look carefully you can make out K in the top right hand corner!

T, Mums partner and one very proud Nana!

K's Media Group!


Later in the evening Mum treated us & K to a celebratory meal, a customer from a nearby table offered to take our pic!

My Mum

The next day K's boyfriend also graduated