Saturday, 2 December 2017

Skiing across the Patio.

At this time of year you have to take your life in both hands when you cross my patio, its down right lethal!

It always used to be the decking in front of hubbies office, but since I painted it with the OSMO  anti slip decking paint, so far no problems. Just need to do something with the patio.

Finally put up my final structures to protect a couple of my Butias. I was told they where hardy, which they are, to a certain extent, but my large butia has been exceptionally slow, in fact dead slow and stop! So this year I thought I would  protect them from the elements and by covering them and fleecing the growth tip. It might make no difference at all but everyone seems to think we may have a bad winter, so the protection would help anyway!

I am hopeless with sawing wood etc, I cheated and bought 4 Extendable Clothes Props from Wilko's

made a frame using bamboo canes, then a tarpaulin and clips... hey presto!

We shall see.

The greenhouse is looking full

Everything is green and still alive, lol!

Under the arid bed cover, all s looking good.

My tree ferns have done so well this year, I think my neighbours 'huge' Baytree is offering them protection from the sun and the frost!

Wishing anyone who reads this a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. xx