Sunday, 28 April 2019

Very Full Greenhouse.

Even though I started the Ensete off in March, the pot stored ones have definitely got away faster but the dry stored ones are proving to be challenging.

I have loads and loads of seedlings, I have restricted how many I sew but  still have loads so  do sell them or give them away.

That will be my hanging basket, the one at this end of the shelf is going to my mums.

The Ricinus have all come up, well not all, Blue Giant yet again failed me this year, same as last. Disappointed as I got fresh seed as well.

This Agave has not done well, think it might go in the bin!!

A few more cactus on the shelf.

These are my Dahlias, Salvias, Lobelia Tupa plus one or 2 others all outside as space is limited.

I dug up some of my Pink China elephants ears just in case, now I have loads as the garden ones have overwintered well.

It has been a struggle as the doctor has confirmed my M.E (Chronic fatigue syndrome) is back. I am very frustrated as I/we have no idea why? What set it off, especially after doing all that walking last year, thats when I would have expected it to rear its ugly head.
Anyway, I have to relearn 'pacing myself', I was never very good at this so it will be a challenge.

Last weekend one of my small, easy jobs to do, was to fit the solar water pump. I bought it years ago at a garden show, I had planned to use it on the tomatoes in the greenhouse, but never got round to it so it has sat in the shed, in its box.

Anyway the solar unit is fixed to the wall,

the line runs into the large water butt, then is pumped out

along the tubes

to my 3 tree ferns.

Seems to be working well, should have set it up years ago! It will be interesting to see how it goes.

So all is good, except for the Hiniba pups!!! They are really trying my patience, having come through the winter so well, these last couple of months has caused problems, the extremes of temp are causing one or two problems, from the cold to the sudden hot days, they are not as good as they could be or I had hoped.

Time will tell!

Friday, 19 April 2019

Easter Weekend 2019

Easter weekend and we have glorious weather forecast, so I decided with the help of my daughter to unwrap the arid bed.

It has come through another winter unscathed.

When I uncovered I have forgotten just how big the plants have got. Bearing in mind it was covered in October so has been hidden away for 6 months.

Quite amazing that these plants have had nothing for 6 months apart from sun through the cover or wind through the ends of the tunnel.

They still look as good now as they did when I covered it. I have been warned that the Agave Montana in the next photo is going to get huge. When I planted it I had no expectations of it even surviving and here we are 4 years on and its romping away.

It must get good air circulation under the cover because  caught in amongst the spikes, fronds etc

are dried leaves,

to be honest they look a right mess,

but you won't find me poking my hand in there to clear them out!!!

The rest of the garden looks a right mess and is very bare, because we live in a frost pocket and I'm not getting any younger, plus having a terrible time with my M.E. I have been seeking out hardier plants.

Where I can't find them or for that matter afford them I fill it with annuals.

This side is slowly getting there with more hardier plants.

 The Olive trees sale through with no protection.

My ideal garden would be totally like the arid bed, I would love to build a poly tunnel over the whole thing for 6 months then take it down again, but I'm not sure there is such a thing as a 'temporary poly tunnel'!
Mind you 6 months down the line I would probably change my mind .......... again!!!

Back later xxx