Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Last Day of March.

Easter weekend, both girls away, we had planned to 'do' in the garden, which started off on Friday quite well then deteriorated, as sadly hubby had the stomach pain attack, that doctors and hospitals can find nothing. So work has slowed as I was unable to do anything yesterday, but had a lovely 3 hours outside today.
Firstly we turned the compost heap

I have never been a good compost maker, so we will see how it goes.

We then had to fit chicken wire to our left hand fence, which is falling to pieces. Our neighbour refuses to replace or repair. Unfortunately Darcy keeps escaping through it and the law does state that it is our responsibility to keep the dog in. Well until we can find out who the fence belongs too.

Most people own their right hand boundary, but since we have been here both sides have replaced the fences. Once on the left and twice on the right. As you can see a part of the fence on the right has also broken and is currently being propped up. Our neighbours on the right are far more friendly.

Meanwhile the greenhouse is still wrapped up and I should really start the banana's off on the 1st April but the tree ferns are still in there so it will have to wait a little bit longer.

I have the small daffodils growing in my garden, I much prefer them to the bigger ones.

The lovely crocus, I really must plant some more, they are so cheerful.

Today I have been tidying up, weeding and cutting back and generally getting the veg beds ready. So they are now fleeced to try and warm them up a bit.

I had to make a big decision and withdrawn from the Village Open Gardens alot of my Alocasia and Colocasia have gone dormant due to the awful weather, and the seeds are fine till I bring them out of the propagator. Then they freeze in the Greenhouse, even though it is heated, so I thought enough was enough.

Hopefully I will add some more in a while.