Friday, 2 August 2019

Front Garden Decision

Today I have come to a decision reference my front garden. It requires too much water!  I only have a tiny water butt which collects water from the porch and is an awful eyesore when no plants are growing. I am forever having to drag the hose through the house to top up said waterbutt, so enough is enough.
I am really disappointed with the display this year, the sunflowers have been decimated by slugs. So what I 'think' I may do (as it can always change), is lose the troughs that sit on the wall behind the box hedge, which now has blight. Keep the hanging basket and windowbox, (my dad made that).
Take out the box hedge altogether and replace it with.......................

lavender! I already have two lavender bushes in the front garden and the bees love them, I always used to have lavender here and it has done well.

So as luck would have it when I was in B & M today they had a tray of 6 lavender plants for £6, £1 each not bad, so I planted them down the fence line.

I will pop out tomorrow and see if I can get some more.

Meanwhile trying to embrace the none watering theme, I made up some wall baskets for the back patio which gets full sun all day 

I basically used what was in the garden and could be dug up, to see if it would work. The planters were in B&M for £1 each. I used soil add lots of perlite so its free draining, added a layer of gravel on the top and 'Bobs your Uncle'!

They will have to be lifted in for the winter but I don't see that as a problem. It will be interesting watching them grow.

We shall see.