Thursday, 29 May 2014

Lots in Flower at the Moment.

Lots and lots in flower in my garden at the moment, I often wonder why I bother with the 'jungle' as it is such alot of hard work, whereas the rest of the garden just needs weeding, feeding, dead heading,pruning and maybe adding a few new plants here and there.
We have had good growing weather recently, very warm and sunny the last few weeks and this week we have had alot of rain, but temps have stayed up so plants are growing quickly.

Honeywort or Cerinthe major 'Purpuracens' the bees adore this plant and when in full bloom the flowers are a beautiful iridescent purple. It usually self seeds everywhere but hasn't done for me this year so I had to grow my own.

Sanguini Brugmansia, I decided to plant a couple of these in this year as 'Wile Giles from Exotic Garden' does this. Since hubby planted it, it has gone mental, you can see all the flowers and buds coming, I just hope the slugs and snails don't decimate the leaves.

Aren't the Sanguini flowers beautiful.

The climbing Hydrangea at the bottom of the garden, is covered in flowers. I have a sort of love hate relationship with this plant. At the moment it love as it so pretty, but when the flowers die back it is not the nicest looking plant. I may lose it, if ever the neighbours decide to replace the fence, as it is self clinging/

Purple leaved Elder, Sambucus Nigra, this is so pretty when its in flower, another favourite.

Here's one from the lilac family, (I lost the label)not a true lilac but a very pretty one.

Gorgeous honeysuckle.

One of my Geums, flowers from quite early in the season.

I'm so hopeless with plant names, this is another bee loving plant which I have lost the label of. I have alot of bee loving plants, I have always fancied having a go with bee keeping, I really should look into it more.

The beautiful foxglove. People say you can't move these but I do reguarly, especially when young as they grow in some peculiar places and I like them where I and the bees can see them.

Globe Allium and dragonfly.

Nectaroscordum siculum, I am so going to get more of these.

My other Brugmansia we planted out just beginning to flower.

 An Echium Russicum, from the local Botanic Nursery at Melksham. They have some fabulous plants there.

Finally my flowering Trachycarpus.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Open Garden ....... Hitch!!

Sadly we have cancelled having the village Open Gardens this year.  We only had 4 gardens and we have had to pull out due to water problems!
At the beginning of April the mains water pipe that feeds Cottages 1, 2 and 3 burst under number 4's lounge! Unbeknown to us a previous neighbour built an extension over our mains pipe but moved his own!!! We didn't even know it was there, we thought it was at the end of our drive!! So now we have overland pipes, round the side of number 4over the back fence to us and Nos 1 & 2.
This is as you can see a major trip hazard and No 4 have said under no circumstances will they allow access if the pipes are still down.
This involves 3 separate insurance companies (exterior work), 3 separate plumbers (interior work) and Wessex Water, who all have to co-ordinate and agree who pays for what! So far this has taken since the beginning of April with no end in site!!!!
Below are the water pipes, snaking across my patio.

I am disappointed as the mild winter has really helped. Yesterday was our last day for getting the adverts into various places and we (the group) decided to leave it for this year.

So I can now show all, the TRex has at long last started putting out some decent leaves

a little visitor, we have had loads of dragonflies already

The Trachy flower growing at a phenomenal rate

This veg bed is going, now probably, sooner rather than later!

I love this bedit is really coming on nicely now.

The Passion Flower I got from a friend a couple of years ago has come through the winter well and is already covered in buds. I have another on the top patio that was not as good, fortunately I took lots of cuttings which have rooted well and so has been replanted.

The pond area is really looking good now. I keep it netted because of the heron. I don't like the net that much but it does help keep the rubbish out!

The bananas in the greenhouse, really looking great, just have to decide where they will be going this year!

some of my elephants ears

I have replanted my tree fern bed, should look good in a little while.

Friday, 9 May 2014

6 days later!

I haven't been outside for awhile, I have been ill........ again!!!! I have the lowest immune system going, something the doc, will look into.

Anyway I pootled down the garden this morning, camera in hand and look......

hasn't it grown quickly, there are another four this side of the Trachy and two the other, going to be an exciting year. If the flowers grow upward its a girl if they droop its a boy there are also colour differences as well but it can still be difficult to tell. Tee hee.

Meanwhile the tree fern is about to burst forth.

The beautiful Podophyllum 'Spotty Dotty' is also flowering, I am not holding the leaf it has turned itself to reveal the flower.

I have a new Podophyllum as well but you will have to wait to see it at the Open Garden. I think they are my current favourites at the moment.
T-Rex is not as far on as I had hoped, I think we have been having air frosts, poor thing looks half dead!

Down by the pond the Rheum is doing loads better than the Gunnera

Just look at the size of the leaves compared to my hand.

In the greenhouse at long last the bananas are on the move, phew, I was getting worried.

Just a few more pics of things growing

Back soon.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Flowering Palm

I had to ask my Hardy Tropical Forum friends what is going on with my Trachycarpus as it has these funny sqishy banana shaped things on its trunk.

apparently its flowering???
Most odd? I shall follow this with interest.....

Te greenhouse is crambed

down the side of the greenhouse is also crambed....

The new Heuchera's are growing away merrily, I really love the colours of them.

 Rheum palmatum is going mental, doesn't seem to mind the cold. The Gunnera on the other hand is only just starting off.

Podophyllum 'Spotty Dotty isn't it gorgeous