Monday, 26 March 2018

Out and About in the Garden

We had a lovely sunny day yesterday, so I pottered in the garden.

We are still waiting for the fence to be done. Being helpful we bought the concrete gravel boards, as our garden is higher than the neighbours. They have had the fence panels delivered over a week ago. Very sadly for us they have put their house on the market, hence the new fence, I imagine, but whether they will replace the whole length or not I have no idea. From their garden you cannot see the fence at all, so they could very easily get away with only replacing part of it. We will see.

Our first frogs spawn this year. Really late, understandably, because of the weather.

I uncovered the arid bed to see how everything had faired,

Remarkably well I think

I know we have had snow and frost, but I think the worst of the weather has been latterly.

Before Christmas, it was really just wet!

So, removing the cover for the first time since the autumn is always a bit nerve wracking. I think what helps is the deep gravel bed.

Fair bit of colour too.

I then thought it was about time I sewed a few seeds.

Doesn't look much, but each section has different types of seeds. So 15 different ones in each tray. I used to plant huge tray fulls of one type of seed, and ending up with far to many, or the excess ended in the bin! So I am a little bit more frugal, but I have more variety. Win, win.