Sunday, 8 January 2017

New Year Organiser

Having got my new calander for the year,

this got me thinking about my plans for the garden.
A week ago found me with camera wandering down the garden on a most glorious and frosty morning.

The TRex is going, I thought this was going to be more 'bush' like when in fact it is most definately

tree like and likely to hit enormous heights.  So it is going and is going to be replaced with...

a Chamaerops humilis, dug up from Kathryns garden. We where not going to leave it behind, it is very slow growing so hopefully will be happy for a very long time.

The Phormium, getting larger and larger every year, I expect it may flower one year! The Olive tree in its pot with its frost proection fleece and behind it the Arid bed..

The side bed, hopefully big changes to occur here this year. I had hoped that some of the larger shrubs would have been dug out and moved in the autumn, but the gardener was moving house, so had more important things on his mind! Hopefully this spring, then.

The lower garden.

The pond, looking very, very bare since we cleaned it out. Ever hopeful the neighbours will replace their fence. They promised too last year, we even said we would pay for the concete gravel boards to go at the base of the fence, baring in mind our garden is higher than theirs and it still didn't happen. The fence panel to the right of this pic is hanging off and I have had to put up chickenwire to keep Darcy in our garden and their dogs in theres!

Mean while in the greehouse all is well

a toasty 5C+

The weather is due to get colder the next week .....

but it is all looking good in here.

Getting ready for seed sowing

Under the cover of the arid bed

All is looking good.
I have the seed catalogues out and have already placed my first order, no doubt more orders to follow.