Sunday, 5 July 2015

All Bad!

I am having a bit of a tough time at the mo, for those of you who suffer with depression, you will understand, it just comes from nowhere and even I wonder why!!

I am trying to find a happy medium in the garden, I love the work involved with getting the jungle underway, keeps me occupied for hours, days and weeks, but it is a lot of work. When you compare the difference between last year at this time

and this year, I think you may see why.

It looks a flippin mess and I hate it!!!

But what would I put here if I didn't have a jungle?
I have always loved challenging myself to grow 'outside the box', not be 'normal' I love it when people come through and go 'Wow'! But it is not happening this year! Thank god we are not having the Open Gardens!

Last year!


The bananas are rubbish this year

I shall now stop before I get even more despondent!!!