Thursday, 30 July 2009

I'm Back

I have been on a spur of the moment visit to my mums! Basically we discussed it at breakfast and we where packed and gone by the afternoon. T came with me much to Jakes distress, he definately did not make it easy for her to pack!!!

K and hubby told us whilst we where away all he did was meow! Day and night! and they where quite stunned by how quiet he went when T got back!!!I can see this may prove to give us grief if T goes to Uni he has become very attached to her!!!

Whilst there I always check out the 'NGS Open Garden' book and luckily there was a super garden open garden on the sunday which I went too and what a treat!

this is alot further north than me, infact just across the River Mersey from Liverpool, but they have a fantastic climate here, very mild and not alot of frost!!

I have one of these in my garden and really hope it grows as big as this!

I thought these a bit weedy, well mine are better hee hee!!!

When I got back I was greeted by this, my front garden, it has really grown and I think now reflects my love of the tropical plants!!!

Watch out for my giveaway, to celebrate my 4th Blog Birthday!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The Rain is Good for...........


we currently have lots.

My Garden..

my tropical border

this banana I grew from seed two years ago and it is going nuts this year!

the banana plantation that was cut to the ground over winter...

my agapanthus has been planted for 2 years andnever flowered till now!

my ginger survived the winter

by the pond is really lush now

look at the banana that was cut too the ground over winter, its enormous now!

My Zebra Grass has never looked so good..

and the T-rex

and finally a massive thank you to Ms Queen for this most wonderful shopping bag that was waiting for me on my return from holiday!

I LOVE IT!!!!!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

We've Been on Holiday!

This was a spur of the moment holiday, our first for 5 years, and we went to our most favourite holiday place 'The Gower' South Wales, stayed in our favourite village 'Port Eynon' and even though it rained most of the time we still had a great time.

Port Eynon

This is a truely beautiful area with fantastic walks and beautiful beaches.


Looking out to sea from Port Eynon Beach

Port Eynon Point

We had one glorious day which we spent on the beach, both our daughters, one boyfriend and neice came too! It thrills me that they still want to come with us bearing in mind the youngest is 18 and the eldest 22!!

Here they are body boarding, and yes I did too, enormous fun and not too cold either!!

Hubby and I love it here and me thinks we may even retire here!!!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Heddington & Stockley Steam Rally 2009

This weekend is the local Steam Rally. It has been going years and has only been cancelled a couple of times due to torrential rainfall.
There is always lots going on. My favourite our the tractor pullers, lots of noise and powerful machines and men in overalls lol!!!
The local news says this
What I miss is the traction engine parade, they used to camp in the field up the road from us then start off at 8.30 and chugg round the village to the event, my girls loved this when they where young, sadly they don't do this anymore!!

All images can be found on Flickr here and belong to David Batchelor I hope he doesn't mind me using them especially as I have linked back to him and named them as his! They are not mine!!