My Pets

26th April  1998

A very special  cat. Half Red Burmese now 15 years old, purrs like an engine and does enjoy a chat!

Tango's sister, very different to him, quite timid and shy, used to be very much Kathryn's cat till she went to Uni. then was very definitely my cat. Now Kathryn is home she shares herself between us. She has recently been diagnose to be blind, so we have to be very careful not to move things around too much otherwise she will bump into them. Still comes and goes, but walks very cautiously.

Mr Darcy
29th Nov 2009
Standard Wirehaired Dachshund
I had never owned a 'small' dog in my life, but due to my knee brace, we got our first. He is a small dog with a big dogs attitude. He is spoilt and loved by all of us and makes us laugh. He is one character.

Adopted by us from our neighbours who couldn't take him with them when they moved!!! Tori, used to reguarly feed him and play with him when they where away, they adored one another. Sadly he had to be put to sleep due to heart failure.

Chimarni 1991 - Nov 2006
A unique cat as he didn't know if he was a cat or a dog. He adopted us, we thought he was a feral cat but one day he walked in the back door, past the washing machine, which was going, through to the lounge where he went to sleep for 36 hours! Here he stayed.
He disliked being shut into the kitchen at night and found a way around this and would be found on our bed in the morning! A neighbour told us that he jumped onto their car, from there to the porch roof, walked across this then jumped across to our window, then in this!!! A thinking cat!

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