Sunday, 30 October 2011

Busy Weekend!

We have made good use of the mild weather this weekend, and have decided to lay some turf. Unfortunately I have the most awful sore throat, I haven't had one this bad for years and years so my lovely hubby has done all the hard work, bless him, he is definately not used to the hard digging work.

He got one side done and the ohter side part done, I will finish it off tomorrow.

I think it is looking really good! In fact just how we hoped it would.

The water butts are fitted, all very posh with bends and everything. Before I used to get a downpipe and angle it out! lol!

The plasterer was in Thursday so it looks like a proper room now. Friday saw the return of the Electrician

so we now have some lights. Doesn't it look amazing!

Decorator is coming in Monday and Tuesday

then floor will go down Wednesday.

So with any luck we can start moving hubby in next weekend! He is getting very excited!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

In the Nick of Time!

We have been so, so lucky with the weather! The doors and windows where finally delivered, having had plastic protecting the window and door openings, our builder managed to get them all in yesterday, just as the heavens opened.

How lucky where we!

They look fabulous, we are thrilled.

What is left to do, well the floor is down we just need to get the walls plastered, painted, then the laminate flooring down, finish off electrics, then guttering, water butts and a few bits outside.

Hopefully this should all be done by the end of next week, then we can move 'himself' and all his clutter in, lock, stock and barrel! Woo hoo!!!

In the meantime the pond is doing well and overflowing exactly where it is supposed to be.

One veg bed has gone, here I will extend the flower bed

and the other veg bed is to follow this will be put back to grass.

Now I have 2 of these do you think I could make them into 3 compartment compost bin?

Saturday, 15 October 2011


We realised that we would need more space to get the windows and doors round the back of the greenhouse, so we actually unglazed and unscrewed it!
Anyway whilst we had the access we decided to make a few further changes... more than had previously planned. Something we have wanted to do for years but just couldn't do with out assistance. So we negotiated a price with our builder and commenced on Tuesday 11th October.

Things started off looking like this

we emptied the pond, caught the fish and started digging. Yes I helped, because we where working on a daily rate!

This is all the soil that was dug out, unfortunately we couldn't get a skip till the following day as we wanted one with a drop end! So this was all moved to the skip the next day!

The water butts, bins, buckets etc are all filled with pond water, we put all the fish in one of the big water butts and popped the lid on.

After lining the whole pond with sand, then like a fleece layer we lay out the liner. as it filled I paddled round pulling and folding so we had quite neat corners etc.

It was then left overnight to settle and the following day we began the beautifiying bit!

here is the finished pond. The slabs came from another part of the garden. The pond filter on the other side of the pond has had a water fall created using to roof tiles we had.

Around the gunnera we have used the rocks that where around the edge of the old pond. The overflow is also here so any excess water will flow to where its needed!

The hose has to be reduced. But is for the log waterfall feature we have created.

and the fish are also very happy!

I made my hubby, promise not to go down the garden until it was looking good. W managed to get the decking done in front of the office as well and the grand opening took place last night.
All I can say is that it looks amazing, far better than the photos show.
We still have some tidying up to do, planting etc. But the hard work is done and all in 4 days. I am thrilled to be able to say I played a substantial part in its creation. Our builder is amazing and so inspirational, and even when the going got tough he still kept laughing!

This weekend, we shall be paying a number of visits to the tip. So no rest for the wicked lol!!!

Friday, 7 October 2011

About the Garden!

I have been so wrapped up with nails and office conversion, that I have not been really looking at the garden, I am not sure what changed today, that made me look.
I was surprised with the amount of colour/flowers I have

this Black Eyed Susan has been totally amazing. Will Giles at the Exotic Garden Blog gave me the idea and I have been thrilled with how well it has done.

In the back ground you can see another of my Bromeliad's that has flowered!

Jungle area

My neighbours 'Kiwi' isn't it amazing, for some unknown reason it loves growing into my garden. I love it! Thanks S!

This is the best ever Rincus I have grown, I love it. I will definately get this one again.
My Maurelli's where very poor this year, no idea why, I don't think I did anything differently?

My Trachy has gone balistic this year, it has sent up so many spears its unbelievable

and there are still 3 to come!

Meanwhile I still have flowers everywhere!

Meanwhile at the bottom the decking is underway.

The greenhouse has been screwed down, so I will be able to get the glass in this weekend.

I hope to get the compost bins set up, I may even build some. I am planning the planting around the pond, plus I have dismantled one of the veg beds, so am in the process of extending the flowerbed and replanting some grass.

So much to do and so little time!!!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Away Less than a Week and .....

Look what has happened.....

its amazing, the difference.

Windows and doors are on order should be with us a week on Friday.

Its sooooo cosy

Need to chose some flooring

and at the neighbours....

his new garage, halfway down the garden, with no drive to it? Most bizzare bearing in mind what a 'nerd' he is about his lawn!

I'm really glad its not 2 storey like he wanted!!