Sunday, 30 October 2011

Busy Weekend!

We have made good use of the mild weather this weekend, and have decided to lay some turf. Unfortunately I have the most awful sore throat, I haven't had one this bad for years and years so my lovely hubby has done all the hard work, bless him, he is definately not used to the hard digging work.

He got one side done and the ohter side part done, I will finish it off tomorrow.

I think it is looking really good! In fact just how we hoped it would.

The water butts are fitted, all very posh with bends and everything. Before I used to get a downpipe and angle it out! lol!

The plasterer was in Thursday so it looks like a proper room now. Friday saw the return of the Electrician

so we now have some lights. Doesn't it look amazing!

Decorator is coming in Monday and Tuesday

then floor will go down Wednesday.

So with any luck we can start moving hubby in next weekend! He is getting very excited!


  1. Wow that is so posh - I am green with envy. Mine looks so old fashioned now! We did a lot of the work ourselves and Hubby is not a DIY man so I did most of it. Insulated and claddeed the inside myself and laid the vinyl all by myslef - mind the you he carpet fitter saw it and said that I had done a good job of the fitting.

    It is absolutel stunning. Wish I could have had turf - but its so expensive.

  2. Wow Libby its looking fantastic!


  3. Looking great Libby. It must feel good to have it all nearly finished!


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