Sunday, 13 March 2016

Meteorological High!

So exciting, we are having a 'Meteorological High' and its likely to stay with us for a week. Such a treat after the long wet winter. The water table in the UK is so full that we only need a little rain and the fields are flooded!!! Unbelieveable.

So yesterday we went out to buy some compost so I could start some potting up/on of plants!!!

Today I went into the greenhouse 

 and potted up my bananas, I haven't watered them as the compost is on the damp side, will check in a few days.

my cannas all done and warming up.

 I admit to cheating this year on the tomato front, I have bought plug plants for me and my neighbour.

The pond is full of frog spawn, we have never ever had so much. On top and under the net. The net will stay where it is until everything has hatched.

In my last blog I mentioned that we had planned some changes to the garden this year, well they have been put on hold until next year unless I can manage to do them myself. We have a wedding to pay for lol!!