Friday, 11 November 2011

Grotty Day, so have to work indoors!

No rest for the wicked, so they say.....

today rather than being out here....

can you believe the amount of leaves still on the trees! Middle of November and I'm still wearing a T-Shirt outside!!!
I digress............ I am in here

K is returning home to live and so her room which has been an amazing storage/dumping room has had to be emptied. We had planned in the long run, to decorate and take down the cabin bed, (built by her uncle a good few years ago) which had the most amazing storage capacity beneath it. But this has now been brought forward.

It is an enormous task, but I have managed to empty the contents of this room to various other places around the house

dismantled the bed,

now I have to lift carpet, sand windowsills, pull out rawlplugs, fill holes, paint and all around the mattresses!!!!!!

I used to enjoy decorating, now I just find it hard work, does that mean I'm getting old????

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Lots done, but lots more to be done!!!!!!!!!!

We had a break in the proceedings last Friday, for K's graduation.

This was her second graduation ceremony for her Post Grad. Certificate. My sister came this time, as mum had come last time. For some reason it was so much better. All we can put it down too is the fact that she has handed her resignation in, as she has a new job and it sort of finalised her time at Worcester. She is very sad to be leaving, but there was no chance of advancement for her there!

Afterwards we out for a very splendid meal, which topped the day off really well.
Saturday we moved hubby into his 'Kennel', this is my name for his office lol! The shelving was finished on Friday, so the day was spent carting boxes down the garden.

He spent hours down there, sorting everything out, these next 2 photos, I took without the flash and he didn't even know I was there. lol!

He used to get quite frustrated, when his things where moved around in the house, I think now this is his domain, he is very happy as everything should stay where its is until he goes to the 'kennel' next time!

The girls bought us Walkie Talkies for our wedding anniversary this year and he and I have been having lots of fun with them whilst he is down there!

Just some other pics of the finished work.


Our next challenge is to see if we can fit four adults into our house. K has been gone 5 years. Her new job brings her back to Wiltshire, unfortunately she hasn't found suitable accommodation, so is moving back in.
Although we had planned to dismantle her cabin bed, with copious amounts of storage underneath, one day, we hadn't planned on it happening so quickly. So my challenge is to find new homes for everything!!!! This is a challenge in itself as our cottage was built in the 1860's and in those days you didn't have storage!! We still don't! So I am struggling badly, just trying to find spaces for everything! The ironing board has flummexed me as I just don't know where to put it!!

So if you are good at this sort of thing and are passing, please call in, I need your help!!!