Friday, 11 November 2011

Grotty Day, so have to work indoors!

No rest for the wicked, so they say.....

today rather than being out here....

can you believe the amount of leaves still on the trees! Middle of November and I'm still wearing a T-Shirt outside!!!
I digress............ I am in here

K is returning home to live and so her room which has been an amazing storage/dumping room has had to be emptied. We had planned in the long run, to decorate and take down the cabin bed, (built by her uncle a good few years ago) which had the most amazing storage capacity beneath it. But this has now been brought forward.

It is an enormous task, but I have managed to empty the contents of this room to various other places around the house

dismantled the bed,

now I have to lift carpet, sand windowsills, pull out rawlplugs, fill holes, paint and all around the mattresses!!!!!!

I used to enjoy decorating, now I just find it hard work, does that mean I'm getting old????


  1. Oh my gosh - you work so hard - my days of decorating have long since gone - my old bones won't let me lol

    Do you think K might do the painting? If just a bed was put back in there she could perhaps paint in a day or a weekend. Just thinking of you having to do so much on your own - and with you weak knee too.

    You are doing an amazing job.

    I was looking out your window - what a lovely view - and how different your garden looks to next door's just plain lawn. There's nothing wrong with just lawn - just commenting on how interesting yours looks

  2. Job well done so far Libby, you'll get there! Once you get the hang of decorating again you'll find it easier and breeze through it.

    Same here today, so damp, dreary, and grey outside. It doesn't matter so much though as we're both at work. Hopefully the weekend weather will be much better.

  3. Lol Lottie! I have such a diddy garden compared to everyone else, but I always manage to find something to do!

    Mark & Gaz, you where right after fiffing and faffing, I did the cutting in then managed one coat all over. Probably doing a 2nd tomorrow. I have decided to let K paint the coloured wall!!!

  4. I can't find the energy or inclination to do the decorating anymore either Libby. We just had someone in to do it, and I think for us that is the way of the future. Your garden looks great and I agree with Lottie you do so much, maybe you should let someone else finish this job!

  5. If I lived nearer, I'd pop over to your house and do the painting for you. I love painting and decorating, even though it's hard work, especially the prep. I think it's because it always looks so good when I've finished!


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