Friday, 16 February 2018

Pond Area, done!

The gardener came in today, it was a beautiful cold and sunny day.

If you remember this is how it looked

and this is it now. The far side has been cleared, the waterfall has been moved to this side

It is all ready to be planted up after the new fence is put in.

The Rheum has also been dug out, although the board is still bent, once the new concrete gravel boards go in I can remove the old wooden ones so the beds will be wider.

I may need to move the waterfall down a bit, but on the whole a great start.

It was my birthday recently and I was given some 'Garden Vouchers' which I will use to buy some shrubs to go in here.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Plans for the Garden, so far!

Come the spring do you plan what you would and would not like in your garden. Do you have areas you like and dislike. I do. Some more than others.

The neighbours fence is my biggest hate. It has most definitely taken a battering this year, lots of panels have popped out and refuse to go back in so I have had to put up chicken wire to stop Darcy going through.

For the past few springtime's, they have said 'we will be doing the fence' and nothing has happened.

This top part, I was trying to work out must be about 10 +/- years old

Now the blue painted fence is closer to 25 years old. It surprises me how it still stands.

The other day I was informed that they will be replacing the fence this year, you could have knocked me down with a feather. Hubby and I have always said that if ever they did do this, that we were prepared to buy the concrete gravel boards, as out garden is higher than theirs, I add more compost than they do and this would hopefully prolong the life of their fence.

I told them this, saying we would add 6 inch gravel boards at the top and 12 inch ones on the section by the pond area. So to allow for this when ordering. They where keen to go ahead quite quickly so I have ordered the gravel boards which will be arriving Wednesday and yes they do know! I just hope they buy the fence panels and go ahead.

I have been having physio on my back since before Christmas, it has been giving me so much jip! The physio has threatened me with all sorts if I dig in the  garden, but as you can see there is a problem here by the pond. The Rheum has started to roam and the piece of wood we put in to help protect the fence, has bowed considerably, so much so, no gravel board will slide in there!

Not sure what to do, but I suspect I will do it myself!

Whilst we are down by the pond, the other part I want to sort out is the other side by the water fall. This looked amazing when it was first done, 8 years ago, now, it looks a flipping mess. So I will be digging this area out as well. What I shall do with it, I have no idea?
A work in progress!

Thursday, 1 February 2018

One is Growing!

The Hiniba is growing!

At long last we see movement!!! Little growing bud.

So excited , just got to keep it alive now!