Friday, 31 August 2018

Refurb is done!

....... and doesn't it look good. feeling chuffed to pieces.

It was hubbies idea to build a raised bed for the olive tree. I wasn't sure, but yet again he has proved me wrong, I think it looks great.

We used our wonderful builder who is no landscaper but when I asked him if he would do the work,
he was up for it. As usual he has done a magnificent job and come up with some super ideas along the way too.

He also put up the arch I bought last year.

The neighbours got a guy in, to put up the new fence.

You can see the old raised bed

after its refurb it looks like this

posh huh! I need to sort the posts out, I tried wire brushing the old paint off but that didn't work, so I need to find some paint the colour of concrete posts lol!

The winter protection is now going to be easier due to a clever idea from my builder. Inside the sleepers he has attached clips to hold copper pipe, which I can attach varying lengths as the plants grow.

and he presto one frame

with one builder in the back ground.

I had been worrying how I was going to construct the frame as the plants got bigger and I am no builder. I am a bodger! So this takes all the worry away.

I still have some planting to do down by the pond in the bed that has remained unplanted whilst I waited for the new fence to be put up. But all in all I think next year could be rather good!

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Lots of changes occuring

I haven't blogged for ages, mainly due to the weather and it being too hot to be gardening and the fact I am doing the Millionstep Challenge raising money for Diabetes UK and I'm totally cream crackered!

Anyway a quick up date on whats been going on....

We have had a major falling out with the neighbours over their fence.

This is the lower part which is over 25 years old, if you remember they replaced the top part earlier this year, as promised back in January. Since putting their house on the market and selling they thought they could move without finishing the job and leaving it to the new people. Which after a bit of research we found out they couldn't, without declaring it in the legal paperwork. So after coming round and giving us mouthfuls of verbal abuse, my husband remaining remarkably cool and knowing we where in the right, the fence is being replaced Tuesday and the neighbours no longer talk to us!!!

My Arid bed, has loved all the hot weather

but is slowly falling apart

to the extent that it is likely to fall apart very soon

and the gravel is gradually pushing the wood further and further out

until it is hanging on by a few nails

how it is still together I have no idea, but having propagated a rare banana Ensete Hiniba these are just a few of them,

I didn't get as many as I had hoped, but

enough to raise funds to repair the Arid bed. The work on the bed starts Monday. I shall post again later this week to show the finished result.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Busy old month!

It is a while since I blogged, well blogged here that is.  I, as I have mentioned, I have now started my Million Step Challenge and started a blog to recall my journey, something I can look back on and see what and how I achieved it.

It has been so hot that gardening has taken a bit of a back seat, watering has been the main priority, fortunately we do not have a hosepipe ban, but to help I have stopped using a sprinkler.

Back in May 2015 the Arid bed looked like this

How much has changed in 3 years, it has filled out so much

The Agave Montana is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! you can really see just how big it has grown, when it was first planted it was no where near the edge of the bed, now it has reached the edge and overhangs it.

My spiky pompom, lol! Yucca Rostrata considerably bigger than when first planted.

This end has had the most changes, taking out the Aloe Striatula has left a bit of a hole but I purchased a very small Agave Americana which I planted and looking at it now, knowing how big it can get I think I shall move it a bit more to the right.

 As much as I love this bed I have seen one which I would truly love in my garden. This belongs to a friend who lives near Poole, Dorset a far better climate than I have.

What I love about this, is it looks far more natural. I know its wider than mine, and he is on a hill, plus he is also a builder, so constructs a most magnificent shelter for this to over winter it. I think that is where I would struggle.
When we rebuild the edge surrounding mine, later in the year, I have found a gadget which I hope to be able to incorporate into the build to be able to make erecting the winter shelter easier. I do realise I can't have the height of the plants, that is in his bed, as my garden is far more exposed and my shelter would probably take flight in the winter.
But maybe what I could possibly incorporate is some of the large rocks at the lower edge of my bed but then that would probably look odd, if it swapped to the wood that is currently used, Decisions, decisions.

Now the Phormium has gone I have tidied up and planted up the area, I am still waiting for my Solar pond pump which will run the ball pool.

Everything is a bit diddy, but will grow in time.

We aren't quite sure what to do with this area, so whilst deciding we have gathered all the potted plants here. Makes them easier to water too.

So thats what has been going on here this past month.