Friday, 7 June 2019

What would I do without my family!

So it is 3-4 weeks since I had the work done in my garden, normally it would have taken me a couple of days to get it all sorted and planted, but I just can't do it. So I have had to be patient, not something I am good at, but because I physically haven't been able to do things, it wasn't too much of a problem.

So I must thank from the bottom of my heart, both m girls and my lovely hubby. None of this would have happened if they hadn't been popping round to do the heavy work and planting.

So the top bed:-

The Paulowina is off, I have 3 shoots growing at the moment, but I think I will take one off.

The Petasites, still being kept in its trough, but watered and fed regularly has been moved to infront of the boiler to disguise it a bit.

Looking down the garden, past the new bed which has had bagfuls of compost and manure added before the planting began. What I cannot believe is how much of a difference the hedge on the right being cut down to below the fence level has made. The Alliums actually grew upright this year instead of growing out at an angle.

The hedge on the left has also been cut back. This bed all planted up, wait a couple of weeks and it will start looking good.

The new bed, a lot of annuals in here for now, just one or two hardy. I need to get hold of some really good hardy plants.

The Trachycarpus Princeps just to the left of the Cycas is quite small at the mo, but will grow, but not as big or as fast as my other one I have been informed.

I will extend the sleepers, probably next year when I have a bit more cash.

The arid bed, still growing like crazy, I never do anything to it except cover it in the winter and throw some chicken pellets on it during early summer. I do wish I had realised just how big they where all going to get, I would have spread them out a bit. I had no idea just how much they would love my garden.

Opposite the arid bed, looks boring doesn't it, qiute a few hardy plants in this area, just have to wait and see if they come up.

Lower bed on the right, this is an odd part of the garden, the T-Rex, (big leaved plant on left of pic) has been in here for quite a few years now and should be considerably bigger. No idea why it hasn't grown, although I suspect a large orange blossom bush/tree on the extreme left of the pic is taking over this bed. We are seriously considering getting someone in to dig it out!

 The pond area, my 2 Red Hot Pokers have flowered this year, they increase in size year on year, so when I'm dead they should look amazing lol!!!

Raised bed by bottom patio, odd bed? This is were the spider plants survived the winter. We have planted a Passionflower on the right so hopefully that should start climbing this year. This should start looking better in the next few weeks.

Behind the pond, another odd bed, bottom right of the pic below, is another newly planted passionflower. there are some hardy plants in here somewhere but they have yet to rear there heads. Because its up against the fence, I think it stays rather dry during the winter hence the disappearing hardy plants.

The fish pond! The sooner someone invents a contraceptive pill for a pond the better, we reckon there are over 50 fish in here. Flippin things keep breeding!!!

The bottom bed. This is the wettest part of the garden but still the Gunnera refuses to grow, I have threatened to dig it out but hubby says no.The arum lily on the other hand is doing fine. We have planted 2 new clematis to climb up the frame and there is also another T-Rex newly planted here as well.

So there we go, I haven't shown you the bed on the right of this area because we haven't got that done yet. its another difficult bed as my neighbours euphorbia and mint has decided it would much rather grow i my garden than hers. It has become quite invasive really and has spread practically the length of the bed.

I am funny, a lot of the plants I grow can really romp away but I would hate to inflict my plants on my neighbours so I keep these ones potted up. I think I probably think this way because this has happened to me and I don't like it. Maybe I should set them free after all?????

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Redesign a section of the garden.

Obviously, before you all tell me off I did not do this work. I had to 'pay' someone to do it for me!!!

So it started off like this and after discussion with hubby, he thought it would be a good idea to get it done. So I searched around to get some sleepers and the company we bought them from last year to do round the arid bed where still selling them, and they didn't even charge me delivery!! It was meant to be.

Then I found a local gardener man on Facebook, who didn't charge the earth and he came today and did all the digging, cutting fitting and screwing.

I must admit sadly it is not as good as the guy who did the arid bed, but then what do you expect when there is a difference of a £100 per day!

As you can see he has done the bed the other side, so its all matching up nicely.

What I need now is topsoil, to top up the right hand bed.

A work in progress, hopefully over the next week, whether I have topsoil or not we will plant it up.

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Can you tell I'm bored???

I have nothing else to do really,so I wander sedately, not a word I use a lot, around the garden and spot things!

Today I spotted this

then another one

and another

and another

what are they?  Spider plants, Chlorophytum Comosom. Yes it surprised me as well.  

The mother plant is huge as you can see, and the are so easy and forgiving to look after, mine thrive on neglect. Nobody wants the babies, so last year I planted quite a few around the garden, just to see whether they would grow.

The do and this is the only photo I could find and this one was taken in October.

So those baby plants have come through the winter outside, unprotected, in the coldest part of the garden and I live in a frost pocket too!

Mother nature is amazing!