Friday, 24 March 2017

Two minutes for Me!

Wedding is tomorrow and it has been extremely busy this week although the wedding side is flowing smoothly, its everything else thats going wrong.
Tori's (the bride) car broke down.
Our Biomass boiler has also broken and we are awaitnig delvery of a part!!!
The cooker has died! Yep and my niece, her partner ad 4 children are coming and staying here!!

Anyway I gave myself 2 minutes to purchase some rather large cactus earlier this week. To fill in the large hole left by the agave that went 'squishy'.

Yesterday they arrived, it was a lovely surprise as I had totally forgotten I had ordered them

 Excited to get out in the garden agan!

Saturday, 11 March 2017

First Loss of The Season.

It has been a glorious day today, so decided to water all my cactus and succulents in the greenhouse and uncover the arid bed to see how it has survived.

On initial inspection everything looks good and healthy.

and has come through the winter very well

apart from the little plant above

and this

I have no idea what happened

The centre is totally rotten. I am gutted this was a beautiful Agave and has been treated exactly like all the others, but did not make it through?

Everything else looks amazing and healthy.

But we have an interloper, not one I welcome.  can cope with bindweed in this bed, that is easy to deal with, but this is creeping viola. I had it in the garden years ago and haven't seen it for a few years.

It wasn't here when I covered up the bed in the autumn, but it has obviously flourished over winter, winding its way through Dasylirion Serratifolium. Looks harmless enough, but this plant has the most evil spines up each side of the leaves and cuts you fingers, wrists and arms to pieces.
So, what to do?
My daughter gets married in 2 weeks so I have to keep my fingers, wrists and arms clear of cuts and spikes. So fortunately for the incomer and unfortunately for me this will have to wait. But I plan to dig out the whole bed including the Dasylirion and go through the gravel piece by piece to remove all offending interlopers!
We shall see..............

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

A Beautiful Day in Shirt Sleeves!

Glorious day today, so I spent it in the garden sorting things out and generally tidying up! It was so warm I was able to work in just my shirt sleeves, so lovely.

First of all I set up my propagater, gave it a good clean, set it up on my new staging.

My new grow lite

LED, excited to get going.

I am waiting whilst the soil/compost warms up. I have moved it in from the shed, so will take a few days.

The bananas, always look awful at this time of year, you can never tell if they have made it through the winter or not until I start them off in April.

Everything else is looking good and healthy,

 I scrubbed all the moss off the decking, it still needs jet washing and its still like an ice rink but I am working on that!
I also went round trimming back bushes, hedges etc. Trying to decide what needs to be dug out to make way for some shrubs I am planning on moving.

I have found out why Darcy goes mental some mornings charging round the garden, we have rats again!! We used to get them a lot when we bred guinea pigs and had chickens but haven't had any for quite a few years, bit difficult to deal with when they are out in the garden, I would put poison down but with the dog around probably not a good idea.

The big surprise was the Gunnera, I have never had it sprouting so early. I protected it differently this year, covered it with its leaves then propped a wheel barrow over the top, but in such a way there is air circulation. This is its first year here, if you remember I moved it last year away from the pond. Maybe it prefers this position. Only time will tell.

The view of my garden and everyone elses and the countryside from my bedroom.