Sunday, 21 August 2011

Finished for Now.

But restart in 3 weeks! Builders on holiday! Which is fine as he has worked like a Trojan, no matter what the weather. So he has gone off to Greece with 22 friends and family to celebrate his 50th birthday!

I can't believe I haven't taken a photo of the amazing 'orange' shed! Foul colour, but I have been assured it will mellow! Anyway that arrived Wednesday and went up the same day. Thursday absolutely heaved it down, but W (builder) turned up with worker, in waterproofs and proceeded to get the now very sodden and heavy old shed up! It was cold too so I kept them well supplied with hot drinks!

Friday, glorious so he finished off, putting windows in new shed, roofing felt, covering old shed with tarpaulin, as this needs a thicker roof and putting scalping's down for pathways. Then tidied up across all the neighbours gardens secured temporary fences and left for his well deserved holiday.

Saturday hubby and I cleared under the gazebo, shelved and got everything into the new shed.

Today I have gone through all the boxes again and ruthlessly thrown stuff away, and finished off. The boxes in the middle with the bags on top are empty. I still have a metal bed frame and 2 bikes and a tumble dryer to fit in?????

Whilst I was working Darcy made himself comfortable close by!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Crop Circle

We usually get alot of crop circles, apparently 90% of crop circles were within 15 miles of Avebury 2003! This is the first this year so we went for a closer look this morning on the dog walk.

As we walked round we tried to work out how it could be done in the night by people. Looking at the way the corn lay we felt it would have been difficult. Some of the detail is quite intracate

A couple of circles went round in a spiral

in the last spiral photo theredoesn't seem to be a start place as all the corn is lieing over one another!

another went from the center in 'cake' like shapes. This actually starts at a centre point and expands outward widening as it goes.

The corners were mitred! I thought this was interesting, if this was manmade surely as you came in to attempt to mitre the corner, the corn going off in the other direction would already have been bent in the wrong direction, if you get my drift!! (Well I know what I'm talking about!)

some corn was laid flat other bits only bent.

Our conclusion, of course, is .......

Little Green Men!!!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

This Weeks Progress

It has been a slow week, down the garden, the weather has seen to that, in fact on a couple of mornings when I was walking the dog it felt very autumnal, and its only August!

My neighbours have very kindly allowed us access across there gardens, my imediate neighbour is due home this week and had thought we would be finished. I shall have to break the news to her, and hope she will agree to continuing access until the work finishes!

On Monday the other concrete base should go in, then erection should begin. Basically we are re-jigging the layout and putting proper foundations down, nothing extra has been added.

Monday, 8 August 2011


Remember this from my last post?

Well, on Countryfile, last night (BBC1 Sunday nights) they where looking at newts and this definately does not have the tail of a newt. They are like a paddle thinning at the edges? This does not thin at the edges, so maybe hubby is right? ??????????
Everything is growing and going to seed! look at the lettuce lol!! New plant a lettuce tree hehehe!

The concrete is going in today

On the patio everything is going bonkers, the plants love this humid weather.

Having said that, when I walked the dog this morning it felt very autumnal! :O( I do hope not.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


We found this in the Greenhouse under the growbags. Hubby thinks its a lizard, I thought a young newt! Anyway it was carefully placed nearer the pond.

Everything has been dis-assembled, I did the glass in the greenhouse, as I knew how to do it!

I have so much space down here that it is a shame we have to put the shed back :o(

After much diliberation, we have decided where everything should go so digging work commences today!

Darcy is so bored with the whole proceedings, and the fact he has been fenced off from the bottom of the garden as it is now open to the road, that he dug himself a hole in the veg patch and lay in it!!!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Work Begins

So work begins

the greenhouse has been emptied of all my lovely tomato, pepper and cucumber plants.

The small shed has been disassembled and taken away.

The big shed is empty

and its contents are here!!!!

Whilst the skips are here I shall be going through all of this and chucking away an awful lot as the new shed is 1/2 the size of out current one!!!!!!!!!


today is our 24th Wedding Anniversary