Wednesday, 3 August 2011


We found this in the Greenhouse under the growbags. Hubby thinks its a lizard, I thought a young newt! Anyway it was carefully placed nearer the pond.

Everything has been dis-assembled, I did the glass in the greenhouse, as I knew how to do it!

I have so much space down here that it is a shame we have to put the shed back :o(

After much diliberation, we have decided where everything should go so digging work commences today!

Darcy is so bored with the whole proceedings, and the fact he has been fenced off from the bottom of the garden as it is now open to the road, that he dug himself a hole in the veg patch and lay in it!!!

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  1. Well done on getting the greenhouse disassembled. It's a task I'm not fond of myself, but when you have you'll have to, that's the way it is :)


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