Monday, 15 August 2011

Crop Circle

We usually get alot of crop circles, apparently 90% of crop circles were within 15 miles of Avebury 2003! This is the first this year so we went for a closer look this morning on the dog walk.

As we walked round we tried to work out how it could be done in the night by people. Looking at the way the corn lay we felt it would have been difficult. Some of the detail is quite intracate

A couple of circles went round in a spiral

in the last spiral photo theredoesn't seem to be a start place as all the corn is lieing over one another!

another went from the center in 'cake' like shapes. This actually starts at a centre point and expands outward widening as it goes.

The corners were mitred! I thought this was interesting, if this was manmade surely as you came in to attempt to mitre the corner, the corn going off in the other direction would already have been bent in the wrong direction, if you get my drift!! (Well I know what I'm talking about!)

some corn was laid flat other bits only bent.

Our conclusion, of course, is .......

Little Green Men!!!


  1. Oh blimey, what can I say?? Surreal!

  2. Beautiful. I have read a lot, seen a lot, seen demonstrations how corn circle patterns can indeed be achieved on one night - but I much prefer the mystical explanation - don't you?

  3. Fascinating!
    But how do they keep the circles so symmetrical and circular?
    And the corner mitreing?
    And I wonder what the farmer thinks of having his precious crop squashed to the ground.
    Those little green men are so talented.


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