Sunday, 21 August 2011

Finished for Now.

But restart in 3 weeks! Builders on holiday! Which is fine as he has worked like a Trojan, no matter what the weather. So he has gone off to Greece with 22 friends and family to celebrate his 50th birthday!

I can't believe I haven't taken a photo of the amazing 'orange' shed! Foul colour, but I have been assured it will mellow! Anyway that arrived Wednesday and went up the same day. Thursday absolutely heaved it down, but W (builder) turned up with worker, in waterproofs and proceeded to get the now very sodden and heavy old shed up! It was cold too so I kept them well supplied with hot drinks!

Friday, glorious so he finished off, putting windows in new shed, roofing felt, covering old shed with tarpaulin, as this needs a thicker roof and putting scalping's down for pathways. Then tidied up across all the neighbours gardens secured temporary fences and left for his well deserved holiday.

Saturday hubby and I cleared under the gazebo, shelved and got everything into the new shed.

Today I have gone through all the boxes again and ruthlessly thrown stuff away, and finished off. The boxes in the middle with the bags on top are empty. I still have a metal bed frame and 2 bikes and a tumble dryer to fit in?????

Whilst I was working Darcy made himself comfortable close by!


  1. Wow, it's all looking brillaint. What is the size of the old shed soon to be office - it looks massive!!

    The new shed looks huge too - and very organised.

    Darcy looks like he's been supervising the work bless him

  2. Libby, what a huge shed. That is just what I need. How long will it look so organised :)

    Darcy is just too cute. Does he want a home....please!

  3. It all looks very neat and tidy. I think Darcy has the right idea, take a rest while Mom is doing all the organizing and throwing out!

  4. It's all coming together just as planned. Hope the builder has a wonderful time in Greece celebrating his birthday.... nice place to have a party I think!

  5. Looks like Darcy was supervising!

    Happy blogoversary :)

  6. I like Darcy's attitude :)

    The new shed is looking very neat and tidy. Give it a winter or two and that orange stain will indeed mellow down. Or you can always paint it if you're feeling inspired and impatient :)

  7. Would you like to come and organize my shed?
    You do good
    Darcy is handsome as ever isn't he...xo


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