Monday, 8 August 2011


Remember this from my last post?

Well, on Countryfile, last night (BBC1 Sunday nights) they where looking at newts and this definately does not have the tail of a newt. They are like a paddle thinning at the edges? This does not thin at the edges, so maybe hubby is right? ??????????
Everything is growing and going to seed! look at the lettuce lol!! New plant a lettuce tree hehehe!

The concrete is going in today

On the patio everything is going bonkers, the plants love this humid weather.

Having said that, when I walked the dog this morning it felt very autumnal! :O( I do hope not.


  1. The garden is looking lush and lovely Libby! :)It should warm up again in the next few days (cross fingers!). :)

  2. Sort of autumnal here today too, a mixture of sunshine, cloud, pelting rain and high winds, but I'm sure that it will get stinkin' hot again before too long.
    Your garden looks marvellous.

  3. Looks like a lizard to me, not that I am an expert.

    Your garden looks lovely, very lush. Ever expanding.

    I agree, autumn is knocking at my door to :)


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