Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Hurry up Broadbeans!

I want to eat you, then dig you up, and start extending the jungle bed. Removing the gravel, which will go on our drive. Re using the wooden boards to edge the bed. Darcy is worn out, he has been chasing flies in this hot weather! Daft dog.

This trough of bamboo is then going to move...........

to here. Thats our garden waste bin.

 I have some plants ready to go in, my beautiful Phormium, which has been growing along nicely.

My Butia, which really needs to come out of the pot, although it is growing, I think it will romp away once in the ground.

I have 'won' plants on Ebay! Its amazing just what you can pick up from there. I still have some other plants down by the greenhouse that I can put in here too.
As for the rest of the garden , well it is flourishing and loving the hot weather.

 a different view  up the patio this time. Yes the water pipes are still there. We have had glorious weather and have had a number of barbques which we all enjoy.

Our eldest daughter could have moved into her own home with her boyfriend in the next couple of weeks. Very exciting, but also sad. I have been so lucky to have her home as long as I have, so I'm not complaining. She has asked for help with her garden and requested quite a few 'tropical' plants!!!
Thats my girl!!!

Until next time, take care!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Sun, sun, sun................................

For a change we are having lots of sun, hence the Pimms. Do you like my new jug, it has matching glasses, I am thrilled with it.

The garden is coming along, although the difference in growth between similar plants is rather odd. Not something I have dealt with before.

The green large leaved plant is a Paulownia tomentosa (Foxglove Tree) if left to grow as a tree it will flower beautifully. I grow it for the large leaves, so each year it gets the chop. The following year I only allow one bud to grow, you can practically see this grow on a daily basis.

Now this one, as you can see from the trunk is actually the first one I ever had. It does have 2 buds, but up until last week it only had the top one. I will snap that off in a mo. But you can see its well behind the other one.
The blue pipe is still in situ for our water. This all happened the beginning of April and hubby is now phoning on a daily basis to push the insurers along. I think he's on first name terms with all the staff now!!!!

My beautiful Brugmansia Sanguinea, since it has been planted out it has not stopped flowering. I definately want to try and get them all in the ground next year. This would have looked so much better as a standard, with all those flowers hanging down.

Here we have Dracunculus vulgaris, Dragon Arum, this is huge, bigger than my hand. I think it liked all the rain it got over winter. Currently well shaded by the bamboo trough which I am planning to move next year. I must plant something that offers it a similar amount of shade. The MASSIVE disadvantage to this is the 'stench' it gives off to attract flies for pollination, I may just have to chop the flower off. The leaves and the stem are so beautiful though!!!

meanwhile the flowers on the trachy are nearly over so will give them the chop shortly so the goodness goes back into the palm.

Back later!