Thursday, 30 June 2016

Last Day of June

I cannot believe it is over 2 weeks since I last posted. What a lot has grown since then. The weather has been wet and humid, ideal for my jungle, I think you will notice a big difference between now and my last post!

Excuse the old chair in this pic, its due to be broken up and put on the Chimnea.

See what I mean! How things have grown. I am being really good and feeding everything like crazy this year, I hope it pays off.

There is a BIG difference here! My left had neighbour has cut her hedge back to fence height!!! You could knock me down with a feather. I could not believe it when I went out earlier this week. She is usually very reluctant to chop 'anything' back. All I can say is WOW! It brings sooooo much light into my jungle now. Wonder what she wants me to chop back?

Can't believe how big the Hiniba is already, especially after such a slow start!

I had been wondering if my Butia palm had been growing, so I marked it the other week and as you can see it is growing. Looking a bit yellow so it obviously needs some type of feed at the moment! Will look into that and see what is needed.

My lovely, lovely Arid bed! I do love this, I have put some masks on the fence for fun!!

I think I may have worked out why my Agave is not doing well......... ants!!! It has been a big problem in the Arid bed. Anyway I dug it out and boy did the little blighters bite!! Never had that before. So gave it a good soak, a feed, haircut and new pot! Will give it a while and see how it goes.

Looks better already!

I just love the colour of this... yep, I have no idea what its name is, as it came minus a label. Sadly its flowering, but I have removed some of the leaves , so fingers crossed they may take.

My very first Agave, is magnificant, just love the markings on it, looks so healthy.

I went out the other day to collect a cactus I 'won' on Ebay for £3.50. Came back with £25 of cactus and succulents!! As you can see my collection is growing lol!!

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Garden Housework!

Me do proper housework, rarely but in the garden I do tidy up quite a lot and at long last the greenhouse is more or less empty of plants. Kathryn very kindly took my winter bubble wrap down, so today I have been sorting out the sadly neglected tomatoes!

So the greenhouse went from this

too this..

looks a bit better doesn't it.

I have also been busy up the garden too,lots of planting, I bought this Canna the other day and its already flowering!

My new elephant wall hanging, rather cute I think.

A new Tiki Mask, next to my tree ferns and Spotty Dotty.

George never cam out last year, totally forgot about him, but mnot this year!

I have decorated my Trachy trunk with my Bromeliads , I was surprised how wet they get in the rain I thought I would have to water them more. I do like them.

Everything has started growing now we have had some rain.

My Mexican Blue Palm, Brahea Armata, was planted here at about this time last year. I haven't done much with this area as I wanted to make sure the palm was happy here. It is and is starting to romp away. 

So I am placing plants to see what will look good. I will probably raise the edge and add more gravel before I plant anything.