Sunday, 27 February 2011

End of February

I cannot believe we are at the end of February already, where has the time gone too. Mind you that does mean we are closer to the hour change........... yipee.

We have seen blue sky and a bright round shining thing in the sky recently, I have dried 3 loads of washing outside this week, I do like drying the washing outside, you can't beat the smell!

Down the garden I found a purple hellebore this will be amazing when there is a clump of them.

This pic, believe it or not shows a huge mound of frogs spawn, loads more than last year and earlier too.

Plenty of these in the pond too!

In the greenhouse still all wrapped up, my large tree fern is doing well with plenty of crosiers coming through too. Plus lots of other plants seemingly thriving! I won't start watering the bananas just yet as by the time they go out they could be taking the roof off!!

Up the garden the veg patch is looking sorry for its self.

I have threatened to plant some of my bananas in here this year!

The trachy seems to have come through ok.

Banana... I haven't looked yet!

Yucca Number 1..... alive

Yucca Number 2.... dead

Cordyline..... dead

this is the 2nd one I have lost in 2 years, I keep trying cos the first one I had flowered and looked amazing.

Phormium....??? not sure

So here begins another season of whether to veg garden or tropical???
Roll on the better weather.