Sunday, 20 September 2015

Dummy Run

As I might have to go up north to help look after mum, who has had a bad fall and is currently in theatre having a hip replacement done, we thought to have a dummy run with my arid bed winter cover!

It fits!!!

Just need to get some elastic toggles and we will be ready!!!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Preparing for Autumn!

The jungle garden earlier this month, definitely not as good as past years, but I love big leaves.

the second bed, a bit further down the garden. I made some mistakes in placing of plants, but that is easily solvable.

The Arid bed has done so well this year even with all the rain we have had, which tells me I got it right. Ants have been a 'big' problem which also tells me it is a dry location. When I was at a garden fayre in the summer, I found these flexible green poles that all link and clip together.Which will do for this year. We have purchased a rather expensive, hard wearing clear tarpaulin which should last years and is big enough to cope with the growing plants.
So we are ready if we have to cover up quickly.

I have had a good clear out and tidy up in the greenhouse earlier this month. Now the potting bench has been moved out I will have lots more space. I still need to jet wash the glass before I put up the bubble wrap.

The pots of Agaves at each end of the arid bed, I put under the bench which holds the propagator and basically forget about them, the same goes for my  Aeoniums. They are totally neglected over winter.
But still enjoying the garden.

The Paulownia Tomentosa have done well this year!

The Prickley Pear is flowering again!

My neighbour has decided that my side of the fence is also hers!!

I will have a little chat with her.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Beautiful Dahlias

I wonder how many people hated Dahlias in their parents gardens and always said, they would never grow them.

Well I did, and lo and behold here I am growing them...

I love there bright colours

and quirky shapes