Saturday, 6 April 2013

What To Do On the First Sunny Warm Day if Your British

Have a spontaneous bar-b-que.

and it was glorious, so lovely and warm an absolute treat.

Prior to this I was in the greenhouse 


 where the tomatoes that where planted on Valentines Day have hardly grown.


The Bougainvillea has decided to flower. 

I have potted up the bananas, so fingers crossed this cold spell does not last much longer. 

My onions are in and fleeced. You can see K who is busily planting some early salad leaves under a cloche and hubby preparing the bar-b-que.

When we where busy in the greehouse my daft dog was doing some climbing. He does like to be with us but hates being cold.

I think he decided he needed to be up in the sunshine.

He sat there quite happily  in the sunshine till we went back up the garden.

Hopefully we will have another sunny day tomorrow when we can do some more.