Sunday, 29 May 2016

Beautiful Bank Holiday Weekend, for a change.

The bamboo in the trough has been annoying me for a while, so on Friday I rallied the troops and it took 4 people 4 hours to remove it! It is now bagged up and ready for collection.

makes a huge difference and the jungle bed will now get loads more sun. I have decided to fill the trough with more arid plants!

On Saturday I dragged hubby out to a little know garden centre and reptile rescue centre, I nearly came back with a large tortoise, but I think Darcy may have been a bit upset! Instaed I came backe with some succulents and cactus instead.

This first one is stunnng and my camera does not do it justice, it is a pale blue with pink tips. No name but who cares, when it looks so stunning.

Opuntia  again a little bit different.

 Agave Filifera

Mother in laws cushion,  Echinocactus grusonii.

So today the rest of the family decided to go to a car boot sale, but I stayed home and decided to do some planting. With help I moved the trough to the end of the Arid Bed, as it will get more sun here.

Hubby wants me to plant something to climb along the fence, but I like the 'starkness' of the bare fence. I may and try and pick up some 'large cactus' that I will keep in pots and could stand in front of the fence.

Looks so much better now the bamboo has gone!

So I decided to start planting the jungle bed. Normally I would wait until the 'Nanas' had put on a bit more growth, but they have been really slow starting and to be honest the soils is a damn site warmer than the soil in the pots, so seems to me the best way to go.

I have dug in loads of compost and chicken pellets.

Spread out the bananas more than normal.

Still plenty of space, so will need to find some more plants, shame!!

Sunday, 22 May 2016

A lovely morning gardening!

I have had an awesome morning in the garden. I have been digging

and saving my jungle bed from the invasion of the Kerria Japonica, from my neighbour! It is a pain. She moans like crazy about my Trachy, I have never moaned once about her Kerria or Pyracantha she has planted along large parts of the fence and I am forever having to cut back and it has evil thorns too, but I do feel a moan coming on.

Just dug this Brugmansia San Guinea out, lots of new shoots, will pop it back in somewhere.

Everyone who walks past it says this has grown? I hope so.

The flower bed, I have still to get the sleepers in, but need help to do it,

I have been planting my large plug plants today. I think what surprised me was how warm the soil felt.

I know its an odd combination having an English flower bed right next to the arid bed, but I have no idea what else to do with it.

Although it is south facing, with the fence and the other neighbours hedge. Which grows abotu 2 ft above the fence until they cut it down, I'm not sure what else to do with it. Don't get me wrong I love a flower garden, just a bit odd next to the Arid bed.

If you have any great ideas do, let me know.

I have now managed to get one of my shelves outside of the greenhouse.

This is a tetrapanax papyrifer ‘rex’ I have had up for sale for a while, but as no one seems to want it I thought I wouldn't let it go to waste. Now they don't like being potted, but I thought for one year, what could be the harm.

The greenhouse is emptier, honest!

I have tomatoes too.

and slugs definately jump!

The Rheum is the biggest it has ever been this year!

Colocasia Pink China, shows itself.

Its definately warming up as this little Colocasia has shown its self too!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Agave to Spotty Dotty!

I have had another busy morning, well I always try to keep busy, but recently I seem to have so much I want to do I'm not sure how to fit it all in.
So this morning started with walking the dog, most people like to try and achieve 10000 steps a day, but with my current body situation (bad back, knee and hip) I strive to achieve 6000 but definately get over 3000.
After my breakfast, I trotted (well thats not strictly true) down to the greenhouse and emptied all plug plants out, to harden off. We are due rain this afternoon and the over night temps should be about 12C so I shall leave them out.
I then decided to uncover the Arid bed as this could definitely do with some rain.

A couple of weeks back I managed to acquire an Agave Americana, I definately wanted to plant this in my bed but needed something taken out.

The winner was the Yucca Gloriosa, so out it came, I shall keep it but in a big pot nearby.

Then I tidyed the bottom patio which was covered in all sorts of junk!

I gave the honeysuckle over the arch a trim. But it looks like I missed a bit!!

Whilst trimming the honeysuckle I found this tiny, tiny nest, I knew something was in there last year as the path was covered in bird poo, just couldn't see it. Its a Wrens nest, such lovely little birds.

Looking back up the garden, with the new Agave, in. I think it looks better. I do take rather a lot of photos of this bed don't I!!!

How can you not, though with all these lovely flowers

This one sending out flower spikes again.

 That Prickley Pear has to go, I have had to chop another load off, mind you it depends if I can find something to put in its place.

Flippin bindweed!

I have been debating about building another arid bed a little bit further up. But I need to find something other than wood to go round it and I found this on Pinterest

I love the use of the stone, just not sure about the wooden posts, but something like this would be brilliant, providing the metal doesn't rust, I don't like rusty metal in a garden!!!

Anywaythe tree ferns are loving the rain and sending out crosiers by the dozen.

Spotty Dotty is looking the best I have ever seen her.

Now for some lunch and a spot of sewing this afternoon!

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Rain, rain, more beautiful rain!!

Today it is raining!!! But it is currently still warm, so fabulous growing weather. I know this because last Thursday the man came to mend the washing machine, while it was running a cycle he asked about my garden, so he got the grand tour. There where no flowers at all on the Trachy, and today there where loads!!

This is very soon going to be out of my reach and I am not good on ladders, so will have to make a decision on whether to keep or chop!!

I love this part of the garden, we are having a move around as the Rheum has grown beautifully but the Gunnera next to it is definitely dead. So closest to the camera is where we will plant the new Gunnera, and move the waterfall over to where the old one used to grow. The filter box, currently on the decking will come this side and hopefully be hidden by the Gunnera. Well thats the plan.

The blanket weed has had a field day and practically covered the pond, I have used one treatment and it has vastly improved, but I think still need one more dose.

 as to how many fish we have, could be anyones guess, the little things keep on breeding, I am hoping that this autumn my mum stays well and doesn't have any accidents or illnesses, so I can actually be here to do all the autumnal jobs, like cleaning out the fishpond!

My greenhouse is crammed, I could probably fit a few more things in, but whether I would be able to get in to water would be another thing. I still have to take off the winter insulation and clean, but currently that is impossible to do.

I always grow tomatoes during the summer when all the jungle is out in the garden. You can't beat your own tomatoes.

But as you can see they are competing for space, I have managed to squeeze in four small grow bags, but still need another 5. But no space! Not even enough to pot these on!

Now a quick trip around the greenhouse

Maureli growing well,

2 red Tigers, very slow starting

As is the Hiniba

Crammed shelves

 High shelves.


Crammed to the gunnels!