Sunday, 29 May 2016

Beautiful Bank Holiday Weekend, for a change.

The bamboo in the trough has been annoying me for a while, so on Friday I rallied the troops and it took 4 people 4 hours to remove it! It is now bagged up and ready for collection.

makes a huge difference and the jungle bed will now get loads more sun. I have decided to fill the trough with more arid plants!

On Saturday I dragged hubby out to a little know garden centre and reptile rescue centre, I nearly came back with a large tortoise, but I think Darcy may have been a bit upset! Instaed I came backe with some succulents and cactus instead.

This first one is stunnng and my camera does not do it justice, it is a pale blue with pink tips. No name but who cares, when it looks so stunning.

Opuntia  again a little bit different.

 Agave Filifera

Mother in laws cushion,  Echinocactus grusonii.

So today the rest of the family decided to go to a car boot sale, but I stayed home and decided to do some planting. With help I moved the trough to the end of the Arid Bed, as it will get more sun here.

Hubby wants me to plant something to climb along the fence, but I like the 'starkness' of the bare fence. I may and try and pick up some 'large cactus' that I will keep in pots and could stand in front of the fence.

Looks so much better now the bamboo has gone!

So I decided to start planting the jungle bed. Normally I would wait until the 'Nanas' had put on a bit more growth, but they have been really slow starting and to be honest the soils is a damn site warmer than the soil in the pots, so seems to me the best way to go.

I have dug in loads of compost and chicken pellets.

Spread out the bananas more than normal.

Still plenty of space, so will need to find some more plants, shame!!

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