Sunday, 22 May 2016

A lovely morning gardening!

I have had an awesome morning in the garden. I have been digging

and saving my jungle bed from the invasion of the Kerria Japonica, from my neighbour! It is a pain. She moans like crazy about my Trachy, I have never moaned once about her Kerria or Pyracantha she has planted along large parts of the fence and I am forever having to cut back and it has evil thorns too, but I do feel a moan coming on.

Just dug this Brugmansia San Guinea out, lots of new shoots, will pop it back in somewhere.

Everyone who walks past it says this has grown? I hope so.

The flower bed, I have still to get the sleepers in, but need help to do it,

I have been planting my large plug plants today. I think what surprised me was how warm the soil felt.

I know its an odd combination having an English flower bed right next to the arid bed, but I have no idea what else to do with it.

Although it is south facing, with the fence and the other neighbours hedge. Which grows abotu 2 ft above the fence until they cut it down, I'm not sure what else to do with it. Don't get me wrong I love a flower garden, just a bit odd next to the Arid bed.

If you have any great ideas do, let me know.

I have now managed to get one of my shelves outside of the greenhouse.

This is a tetrapanax papyrifer ‘rex’ I have had up for sale for a while, but as no one seems to want it I thought I wouldn't let it go to waste. Now they don't like being potted, but I thought for one year, what could be the harm.

The greenhouse is emptier, honest!

I have tomatoes too.

and slugs definately jump!

The Rheum is the biggest it has ever been this year!

Colocasia Pink China, shows itself.

Its definately warming up as this little Colocasia has shown its self too!


  1. Nice too see all that progress Libby!

  2. The garden is looking really good, I am so envious. I need to get my hands dirty and do some garden digging.

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