Thursday, 19 May 2016

Agave to Spotty Dotty!

I have had another busy morning, well I always try to keep busy, but recently I seem to have so much I want to do I'm not sure how to fit it all in.
So this morning started with walking the dog, most people like to try and achieve 10000 steps a day, but with my current body situation (bad back, knee and hip) I strive to achieve 6000 but definately get over 3000.
After my breakfast, I trotted (well thats not strictly true) down to the greenhouse and emptied all plug plants out, to harden off. We are due rain this afternoon and the over night temps should be about 12C so I shall leave them out.
I then decided to uncover the Arid bed as this could definitely do with some rain.

A couple of weeks back I managed to acquire an Agave Americana, I definately wanted to plant this in my bed but needed something taken out.

The winner was the Yucca Gloriosa, so out it came, I shall keep it but in a big pot nearby.

Then I tidyed the bottom patio which was covered in all sorts of junk!

I gave the honeysuckle over the arch a trim. But it looks like I missed a bit!!

Whilst trimming the honeysuckle I found this tiny, tiny nest, I knew something was in there last year as the path was covered in bird poo, just couldn't see it. Its a Wrens nest, such lovely little birds.

Looking back up the garden, with the new Agave, in. I think it looks better. I do take rather a lot of photos of this bed don't I!!!

How can you not, though with all these lovely flowers

This one sending out flower spikes again.

 That Prickley Pear has to go, I have had to chop another load off, mind you it depends if I can find something to put in its place.

Flippin bindweed!

I have been debating about building another arid bed a little bit further up. But I need to find something other than wood to go round it and I found this on Pinterest

I love the use of the stone, just not sure about the wooden posts, but something like this would be brilliant, providing the metal doesn't rust, I don't like rusty metal in a garden!!!

Anywaythe tree ferns are loving the rain and sending out crosiers by the dozen.

Spotty Dotty is looking the best I have ever seen her.

Now for some lunch and a spot of sewing this afternoon!

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  1. So much spring activity in your garden, looking good!


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