Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Rain, rain, more beautiful rain!!

Today it is raining!!! But it is currently still warm, so fabulous growing weather. I know this because last Thursday the man came to mend the washing machine, while it was running a cycle he asked about my garden, so he got the grand tour. There where no flowers at all on the Trachy, and today there where loads!!

This is very soon going to be out of my reach and I am not good on ladders, so will have to make a decision on whether to keep or chop!!

I love this part of the garden, we are having a move around as the Rheum has grown beautifully but the Gunnera next to it is definitely dead. So closest to the camera is where we will plant the new Gunnera, and move the waterfall over to where the old one used to grow. The filter box, currently on the decking will come this side and hopefully be hidden by the Gunnera. Well thats the plan.

The blanket weed has had a field day and practically covered the pond, I have used one treatment and it has vastly improved, but I think still need one more dose.

 as to how many fish we have, could be anyones guess, the little things keep on breeding, I am hoping that this autumn my mum stays well and doesn't have any accidents or illnesses, so I can actually be here to do all the autumnal jobs, like cleaning out the fishpond!

My greenhouse is crammed, I could probably fit a few more things in, but whether I would be able to get in to water would be another thing. I still have to take off the winter insulation and clean, but currently that is impossible to do.

I always grow tomatoes during the summer when all the jungle is out in the garden. You can't beat your own tomatoes.

But as you can see they are competing for space, I have managed to squeeze in four small grow bags, but still need another 5. But no space! Not even enough to pot these on!

Now a quick trip around the greenhouse

Maureli growing well,

2 red Tigers, very slow starting

As is the Hiniba

Crammed shelves

 High shelves.


Crammed to the gunnels!

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