Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Arid Bed Uncovered.

We have been forecast a fairly good week of weather, so I decided to uncover the arid bed and see how it has faired.
Seems ok, I hung the cover on the neighbours fence, just in case we have to do and emergency cover up!

I knew some of the plants had started flowering.

The colours are amazing, but sadly my camera does not do them justice.

Jelly beans!

Although this looks a spectacular colour I suspect it is half dead due to lack of water!!

Some of the lower Agave leaves are looking a little crisp!

But on the whole some lovely colours.

and not looking too bad.

Some flowers too.

the crispy bits!

So now to think what I can add next year!!

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  1. HI, the bed is looking great as I said elsewhere. the plant in the photo below the jelly beans is fine, don't worry.
    In terms of agaves, Urban Jungle have some great agaves including Parasana, and ovatifolia. Big sizes not too expensive.


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