Thursday, 20 January 2011

Not my Usual Blog Post!

I thought a long time about posting this, but decided, what the heck!

I have been very poorly over Christmas and New Year, Flu! Being an M.E. sufferer (although in remission) my recovery is taking along time.
I coughed continually for weeks and my pelvic floor finally gave up the ghost and I am now suffering with Urinary Incontinence or Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. To be honest, for a long time I have had to cross my legs if I sneezed anyway!
I have put my pelvic floor through alot, 2 children, being 'morbidly over weight' as they say in hospital, and a vaginal hysterectomy. To name just a few! After these the physio would visit and say,'don't forget your pelvic floor exercises'! All well and good but:- Where exactly are your pelvic floor muscles? How hard do you squeeze? Am I doing it right?

About 6 years ago I had a similar problem and the doctor sent me to a physio, and after many months and much squeezing and concentration (who ever says you can do these exercises without anyone else knowing told lies!), I managed to get some control back.

Therein lies the problem, you are supposed to continue the exercises........ how many of you do?

This time, it has been so bad, a pack of Tena Lady had to be bought!! I was so embarrassed, that I actually sent my daughter to buy them. How bad is that, reminds me of when I bought my first tampons!!!!!!!

Anyway, I wasn't prepared to visit the doctor and wait 6 weeks for a physio appointment, and we are fortunate enough to be able to afford to buy an alternative. So after much research of the internet I purchased this Athena Pelvic Muscle Trainer from Amazon £32 cheaper.

I have now been using this a week, twice a day for 15 minutes. When I first used it, as per instructions, it was like an electric shock, so I had to turn it down. I can assure you I now know where my pelvic floor muscles are!!!! They are not just up inside you, they are deeper. If you rest your hand on your hip, push your fingers where you think you appendix is then cough, feel the tightening, that is part of your core muscle and this little gadget makes you aware of these as well. So when you lift anything you need to not only pull up the pelvic floor, but tighten these core muscles at the same time!!!

I had been told this by the physio, but never really understood..... now I do!

So I still cross my legs if I sneeze and I cannot stop 'mid stream', but I can slow it!

I will keep you posted!!!!!

Saturday, 8 January 2011


well we have sun,

blue sky,


and daffodils!

Well OK I cheated on the daffodils, hubby bought them for me at Christmas and they are in flower already!!!
We did not celebrate Christmas or New Year as both K and I had the most awful flu, she went back to work last week and managed one day, and has been off sick since. I am still bad and have the most awful cough which rattles my brain, inside my head (where else would it be?)and gives me the most awful headaches. Plus my pelvic floor has given up hope, but that is another tale.

So when the sun came out today I wandered down the garden, popped my head in the greenhouse, as I haven't been near it since about the 24th December, checked the lowest temp it had been since then 3C, and watered a few things.

I believe the tube heaters have helped to keep a more steady temp.

the brugs still have leaves on? This always amazes me as since they have been in the greenhouse they have not had a drop of water.

Bit of colour from my bromeliad.

I am so pleased I brought the Tree Ferns in, you can see the new crosiers already.

The Strelitzia/Bird of Paradise plants I bought into the house seem to have fared alot better than they do when they are in the Greenhouse over winter, I even have a new shoot on one of them...

Maybe its a false spring, but it is definately far better than all the rain and grey days we have been having, with loads more to come next week!! I much prefer the snow and ice at least the days seem brighter with the snow