Monday, 31 December 2018

New Years Eve,2018, in the Garden

A typical winters day in the UK, mild 8C, very grey skies and no wind. So out I popped just to do  bit of tidying up and weed pulling and reconstructing of frames.

We have had some really strong winds and the frames have taken a real battering this year

I have had to redo all of them!!!  I have made the frame a lot smaller, my main concern is lack of air flow, well we will see. We still have the worst of the weather to come yet.

Solonum Laciniatum is still going strong, I have had to stake it, as its roots are very shallow, but as you can see its still alive. We have had a number of frosts but nothing over a long period, so will be interesting to see how it copes over the next couple of months.

Although the Cypomandra corymbifolia has lost quite a few leaves it is also still alive, another one I am watching.

Petasites Japonicus seems to have flower heads on them. The look a bit cabbage like?

The Ensete are still upright and have not yet gone to mush, but I am sure they will in the next few months.

Some marigolds that are still flowering.

Meanwhile in the Greenhouse, I have kept the temperature a little cooler this year, aiming for 5C rather than 10C. So far ver few pest problems, I am pleased to say.

My various cuttings are flourishing.

Even shrubs, I cut back severely are growing.

My carnivourous plants seem quite happ in the coldest part of the greenhouse.

These are the Baby Ensete Hiniba, I have split them in two, half are in the greenhouse, on a heat mat, with a cover I pull over, they rarely drop below 5C

The others are in the back bedroom, the coldest room. It is also the darkest so have a growlight on. This room is about 12C.

All are looking good and should be available for sale as 2 year old plants in late spring of 2019.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and all the best for 2019. xx