Thursday, 5 September 2013

Time flies by......

When you are able to get back out into the garden without falling down a hole or tripping over a builder! I have been having a lovely time, re-arranging plants, digging up lacy hosta's which have now been de-snailed and popped into tubs which have been wrapped around with copper tape in the hope that we can lose the lacy look!
I have been planting up around the hopper shed and all the plants seem to like it as they are growing like crazy.

I have some solar lights which I bought off Ebay last year or the year before which now light up the tree ferns and the old man and look amazing at night.

My passion flower is also happy against the new brick wall and is shooting off in all directions. Such a shame the photo does not do the colour justice. I do prefer the white & purple one I had last year on the other side of the patio.

The Black Eyed Susan has spent the bulk of the summer in a pot and was not happy. I planted it in under the tree fern knowing it didn't have alot of time before autumn came but again it has roared away.

Just look at my Cycas Revoluta, this is called ' a flush' when it first started I thought I was only going to have a couple of leaves but it is growing like a 'goodun'.

 Now what I need is for the weather to continue fairish, because if I move it, the leaves will distort and they have to harden off before winter! Fingers crossed.

I never used to be a big fan of dahlia's. My dad grew them and I always remeber them being full of earwigs ugh! Last year I needed some fillers for the open garden so bought a couple and thought mmmm, I like these.

So this year I bought a few more. Isn't this colour amazing.

As you can see I have dug out the hosta's and replaced them with heuchara's and grasses, I hope it looks ok next year. Fingers crossed.

Can you see what I have been up to here?
The honeysuckle has  gone it was annoying me beyond belief. once that had come out I had this flash of inspiration to make this a bit lie a Mediterranean garden (well we can dream). So out of the pot came the
 Chamaerops Humilis, boy oh boy has it got thorns, flippin long ones too.

In to the planter it went, along with a very large Hibiscus I have had in a pot for years. I also squeezed in a banana and 2 Passion Flowers. So toes crossed for these.

The coal bunker has been re-erected beyond the patio and is completely out of sight of the patio. So the cats hutch is back up and tango is very pleased about this. He does like his comfort, he also lies to stay dry and even if its raining he sits in here for hours.