Saturday, 17 December 2011

Tis the Week Before Christmas

when all through the house, the dusters have flown
The cats are curled up and the dog chews a bone
The Christmas tree, still tied in its net outside
The baubles in boxes since the last yuletide.

The girls all grown up, still get excited as ever
my husband wonders what he will get for his dinner,
with a hoover in one hand, sellotape in the other,
I try so hard to do everything better.

The girls out with their boyfriends enjoying festive fun
while I slave in the kitchen trying to get everything done.
My mum visits for the holidays, enjoying the rest
I want everything right and just at its best,

The night draws in, we are settled by the fire
A tap at the door, carols sung by a choir,
The temperature is dropping, we hope for some snow,
But will have to wait till tomorrow before we will know.

We wake to the silence and brightness of snow,
The sun on the horizon with a bright orange glow,
To the kitchen for toast and a cup of hot tea,
then through to the lounge and what is under the tree?

A couple of presents, not a massive great pile,
just one for each person, I look on with a smile.
One day without telly, just good fun and chat
Silly games and good food that might make us fat.

I wish we all lived closer like we did when I was small
Aunts, uncles and cousins, grandparents and all,
Lived close enough for us all to get round and visit
Having fun, and getting into the Christmas Spirit

Times change, things move on, we can't always stand still
Christmas is for family and all they fulfil.
There is nowhere I would rather be at this special time of year
But with family and friends and all I hold dear!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Alls well, that ends well!

Tomorrow is our builders last day, I cannot believe the amount of work he has done, all the little extras we kept throwing at him. We are thrilled with everything! I can't recommend him highly enough. 'Johnson Home Improvements' Chippenham

He has finished the path having hand dug it out in just 2 days!

His daughter was his labourer and she is so petite, but wheels a loaded barrow like a good un!

here is the finished result! It is so lovely to walk down a really solid path

although we think it looks a bit like a runway where it is 2 slabs wide

but this has solved the problem we had of what we called hubbies office, the shed and the greenhouse.
The girls bought us walkie talkies for our wedding anniversary, so we could talk to one another whilst he was in his office. So the house is now 'Control Tower', the office is 'Terminal 1' greenhouse 'Terminal 2' and the shed 'Terminal 3'. Works well and we know exactly which building is which. I am sourcing name plates as I type!

K is now home and ensconced in her super duper room, as soon as its tidy I will take a pic. It is working well, she enjoys the company and goes out to work each day which gives me the space I need too. She is loving her new job!

Everyone happy here!