Sunday, 12 June 2016

Garden Housework!

Me do proper housework, rarely but in the garden I do tidy up quite a lot and at long last the greenhouse is more or less empty of plants. Kathryn very kindly took my winter bubble wrap down, so today I have been sorting out the sadly neglected tomatoes!

So the greenhouse went from this

too this..

looks a bit better doesn't it.

I have also been busy up the garden too,lots of planting, I bought this Canna the other day and its already flowering!

My new elephant wall hanging, rather cute I think.

A new Tiki Mask, next to my tree ferns and Spotty Dotty.

George never cam out last year, totally forgot about him, but mnot this year!

I have decorated my Trachy trunk with my Bromeliads , I was surprised how wet they get in the rain I thought I would have to water them more. I do like them.

Everything has started growing now we have had some rain.

My Mexican Blue Palm, Brahea Armata, was planted here at about this time last year. I haven't done much with this area as I wanted to make sure the palm was happy here. It is and is starting to romp away. 

So I am placing plants to see what will look good. I will probably raise the edge and add more gravel before I plant anything.


  1. George looks cool, and the greenhouse looking summery now :)

  2. It all looks really good. I wish I lived next door!


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